Friday, April 9, 2010


I sure hope I got this stuff in the right order with the pictures!!!!!
So this is the rug that I said I had been working on. It's listed on ebay right now along with a couple other things.
I hope to finish one of my little rugs today and get it listed!!!


Well John's all settled in at the rehab place after our son & his wife & a nurse talked him into it. When he was asked who was going to take care of him at home,he said ,his wife. That's pretty funny!!!! John says he had a brain fart,that's why he said that. Mike told them that it would be impossible for me to take care of him. I said that I'd do whatever I had to,but I told the charge nurse that she'd probably end up with 2 people back in the hospital!!!!!! Notice the yellow band on his wrist that says fall risk????? I need one of those myself after 2 near misses and one complete fall last week LOL!!!!! Imagine me trying to lift him up,FUNNY
An ambulance took him to Life Care on monday. Tuesday Mary Jo took me cause he need clothes and stuff. And that's Sissy, our tiny yorshireterrorist with John. She didn't know what to make of the whole thing,she was upset. Yorkies do not like change and this bed was not the one she's usually in with him. I was sitting on my Zoom Zoom next to the bed and she jumped off the bed on to my lap!!! Isn't it neat that you're allowed to bring dogs there???? John said that evening there was a bunch of them walking around.
John gets to come home on Sunday for a visit. They don't do PT or anything on Sundays so family can come and take the patient out. BUT ya gotta come back that day or it screws up the insurance!!!! I guess he's gonna be there for 3 weeks. Some of the Firemen have said,WOW how does he make it to keep coming back all these times when you think he won't. He's a stubborn Pollack?????


  1. Sherry ~
    I'm so glad John's where he needs to be! I love the pic with the yorkshireterrorist! It is wonderful that animals are allowed in. When my mom was in rehab in January, I took my foster in daily to see her. It just brings a smile to the faces of the residents!
    Pug hugs :)

  2. Such a sweet picture of John and Sissy. That is so great you could take her to visit. I'm so glad John is in such a wonderful place getting the help he needs.

    Your rug is great! Best wishes for many bids my friend. Lori R

  3. Sherry, what a great picture both of John and your little dog! I'm so glad he gets three weeks there in rehab, and also that you got to visit.

    Your hooked rug is pretty--hope you get good bids.

    Stay away from falls--they hurt!



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