Wednesday, April 14, 2010

This was Sunday when John 1st got home. I told Sissy that Mike was bring Dad home. I told her a few minutes to early cause she went to the front door to sit & wait. Every so often she'd hear a car and go to the window by the side of the door & stand up & look out. I'd have to tell not yet,LOL. When he did come in,I thought that little tale would wag off her butt!!!!

Basically the visit made me very sad. He ate a sub that he sent Mike out for. He went to his puter to check the bank statement. I went in there & checked on him,he was shaking & looked bad. He took a nap and when he got up he asked me to call Mike & tell him that he wanted to be back there about 3:30. He was way to tired and just wanted to go back there to bed.
When he left I called Mary Jo and cried. I've spent my life being an overly optimistic person, BUT I have a lot of common sense. I think he's about as good as he's going to get. He can barely get around with the walker. Mike & Joyce had to really help him get up & down the 2 steps to the front door. Yesterday the Dr. in charge of the rehab place pretty much told him the same thing about how much more progress he can make. John told me that he'd at least like to get to the point that he could drive the van at least to go to a drive thru place. There's NO WAY he could drive now. So great,that makes 2 of us!!!!!! Wonder if Sissy has any driving skills???? Naw I don't think those short little legs will reach the pedals!!!!!!

To leave all this on good note. I got to leave the house yesterday!!!!!! Mary Jo took me to get my hair cut. First time since October!!!! I loved it!!!! I didn't want it so short as she did it the last time. I thought I looked GOOOOD LOL!!!!!! Then we went Michael's to get floss. I promised her that she wouldn't have to get my Zoom Zoom out. We were gonna go to Joann's but I know that they don't have any handicap carts. Michael's at least has a wheelchair that she could push me in. I was hurtin' and tired but it was very nice. And boy did I get a ton of floss!!!! AND I saw this magnifier thingy that hangs from your neck. Thought maybe if I used that I'd actually be able to SEE my X stitch!!!! But I didn't get it. UNTIL I found out at the check out that they take Joann's coupons and I had a 50% off one,so Mary jo went back & got the magnifier!!!!

Well, I guess I've filled ya all in on all the stuff,just hope I haven't bored you all silly!!!!!


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