Thursday, January 8, 2009


This is FANCEY. She's a hooked bunny that I designed years ago & only did one other in white wool,way back when.
She's a must have sweetie!!!!! Too bad I can't take a decent picture to save my life!! Maybe someday I should read the directions that came with the camera LOL no time for that!!!!!

FANCEY's on eBay right now,along with some of my other original designs. If you'd like to take a look,you can click on the eBay button over there on the right & it will take you to my auctions. THANKS in advance if ya take the trip over to look.

New Year's Day was also the upload for my Lemon Poppy Shoppe. I had put a really cool hit or miss hooked heart make-do on an antique bobbin up. Waiting for the money order for it. There's a couple other things too.

I was gonna yada yada about all the stuff I have waiting for the finishing work to be done,but then something else won't get finished. So MAYBE I'll write about that tomorrow or not.

Weather in Ohio: Snow & cold Well it is Ohio!!!!!

Sherry aka:The Queen OUT!!!!!!


  1. Very Cute bunny! Hope you get high bids for her.

  2. WAY cool bunny Queen! I'm sure somebody will snatch her up!


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