Tuesday, January 13, 2009

2 NEW Sweeties ON Ebay!!!!!

Aren't these so primitively cool??????
These patterns are from my friend Lottie (thanks Lottie!!)

I REALLY love the doll!!!!!! So guess what I named her???? "LOVEY" Real original huh????
If you'd like to go see them you can click on the eBay button there on your right.

No I haven't counted up all the stuff around me that needs finishing,BUT I can tell you that right in front of me,on my footstool there's 8 items waiting their turn. Since I need to keep my legs up,there's always just enough room to put my feet. Good thing it's a good size,cause it's ALWAYS full of "STUFF"!!!!!!!
Maybe next time I'll count up all the other things in my immediate vicinity waiting their turn to be finished. I just can't help it that I think up more things to make faster than I can finish them.
If something pops into my head to make,I just HAVE to make it!!!!! That's how I've always worked & in this case ya can't teach this old dog a new trick!!!!!

Sherry Out!!!!!

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  1. I love your new "old" dolls Queen ~ they are prim adorable! Keep your feet up and GET TO WORK B!


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