Friday, August 28, 2009


Today is our anniversary.
I have been married ALL my life,45 years.

One nite last week John came to the living room as I sat in my chair working on my needle punch and said, Happy Anniversary. I said it's not our anniversary. He said I knew that (not) but it'll be soon!!!!

Then yesterday morning,I said to him, Happy Anniversary!!!! He said,I knew that (NOT)I was gonna tell you later.

About 1:15 in the afternoon,I said John you're gonna be late for your Dr.'s appointment at 1:30!!!!!! He said yeah it's at 1:30 tomorrow!!!! I said well then why is it on the calender for today???? He looked and said no it's tomorrow,the 28th.

TOMORROW'S the 28th????? OH!!!!!!
So it wasn't our anniversary yesterday!!!!! And NO he still didn't realize it!!!!!

So this a.m. I said Happy Anniversary AGAIN!!!!! But this time it really is!!!!!

Oh yeah we're dangerous!!!!! Neither one of us can remember diddly!!!!!
Nope no celebration plans for today,just another day in the life.

45 years!!!! Geeze I've been married longer than some of my dear friends have been on earth!!!!!



  1. Sherry...I have been married almost as long as you...37 years..doesn't time fly? Anyway...Happy Anniversary! My DH turns 60 on Sunday and has already started the "grieving" process!!


  2. That's a funny story. My husband are coming close to our 30th. I think you have a few more years on us; but Happy Anniversary!


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