Thursday, March 5, 2009


YUP my sewing machine is back!!!!! The ol girl had some thread wound up inside & she needed to be cleaned & oiled. Ya see this Viking doesn't need to be oiled by me like other machines do. But after 20 some years of constant hard use,she really deserved a professional cleaning & oil job. But she's ALWAYS run perfectly till that one sad day last week. It's kinda like,if it aint broke,don't fix it!!!!! Can't tell you how happy I am that she's OK. She CANNOT be replaced!!!!!
I've been working on other things so I haven't used her yet. She came home Monday & I'm just letting her have a little rest from the trauma she's been through!!!!!

Viking sewing machines are the greatest!!!!!



  1. Wonderful news Sherry! I'm sure she appreciated the cleaning and oil lube. It must have felt wonderful after all these years. I"m sure after this rest, she'll be raring to give you another 20 years! (with a cleaning out every now and then?) Glad you got her back!

  2. You both must be very happy to be together again!


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