Saturday, March 7, 2009

I'm So Confused!!!!!

OK so I wake up this a.m. (which is always a good thing!!),look at the clock and it says 4:oo. So I think,now did the husband change this clock. When the time changes he only changes a few of the clocks before he goes to bed. After all these years I'm totally convinced he does this on purpose just to confuse me,which the older I get,the easier it is to do.

So anyhoo, I'm thinkin' is it really 5:00??? Well that's OK I often get up at 5,so I'll just get up. I go to the kitchen to turn the coffee pot on & it hits me,wait a minute I had a fish sandwich for supper last nite,which would have been Friday,which would make this Saturday not Sunday!!!!! I look at the clock, it's 4:15 A.M.!!!!!!!!

I'm one of those people that when I'm up,I'm up. Guess naptime is gonna be early today!!!!!

Ya know this is not my fault. It's those news people on TV!!!! They kept talking about the time change yesterday evening & saying that when the time changes ahead that on Monday & Tuesday the heart attack rate goes up more than at any other time. They attribute this to people being sleep deprived anyway & by springing ahead people are more stressed by losing another hour of sleep. Well DUH,I just did!!!!!

Can you imagine how confused I'm going to be tomorrow when the time actually does change!!!!????!!!!

Think I'll get more work done today???? Prolly not,I'm tired already!!!!!

I would like to make another sock bottle doll like I did yesterday. I made one yesterday and I was so carried away with creating her that it was almost my soapie & lunch time (2 p.m.)before I got dressed. She's REALLY cool,I love her!!!!! She's listed in my auctions on ebay.

OR maybe I should finish the needle punch I've been working on. OR finish up another set of my hooked Farmhouse eggs.

OR maybe I should just go back to bed!!!!!

Tired Sherry.....OUT

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  1. Poor Confused Sherry! You are just too funny though. Hope you are clear of confusion tomorrow!



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