Sunday, June 14, 2009


I thought I'd try posting this here on my blog and hopefully some of you will stop in and see it!!!!!

I'm the leader of PRHG which is Primitive Rug Hooking Group. Friday I shut the group down to do a little maintenance on the board. Then I reopened it & began the task of re-inviting the members. Well some of you members are apparently not getting your invites. I dunno WHERE they're going!!!! Possibly your junk mail?????????

So what some members have done is clicked on the JOIN GROUP box and then it comes directly to me and I can click you in.
PRHG MEMBERS if you didn't receive your invites (i've sent 2-3 of them) then PLEASE click on the JOIN GROUP box and I'll get you back in.

TO NON PRHG MEMBERS: At this time we are not accepting new members,we're full. It has nothing to do with you or your work,it's just that we're full. I'm sorry,but the reason the JOIN GROUP box is there is because I have to leave the door open till all the members have gotten back in.

Thanks For Your Time!!!!!

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