Friday, September 4, 2009


Well I FINALLY finished this hooked prairie stump doll yesterday and got her listed on ebay. Her body's been hooked for a loooong time. The thing is sometimes when I design something,I guess I over think how I want to finish it. So then after all this time of her just layin' around I decided she needed to come to life. Got her all handstitched up & even handstitched a bonnet for her. I guess I'm happy with how she came out. She's kinda sweet. John REALLY likes her. He said he wanted to buy her,but he couldn't meet my price LOL.

I've got a rug on the frame started and a needle punch on the frame started and more dolls and stuff waitin' their turn to be finished.

Wish I could get my toes to work too. For pete sake there are 10 of them and they're just layin' there doin' nuttin'!!!!!!

Well I need to move along and see if anything can get finished today.One never knows!!


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  1. Oh My Gosh!
    I so love this blog. I have signed up to follow it. You do such gorgeous work. I love the little pumpkin basket. What a wonderful art you have mastered. Thanks for sharing. I came across your site in following EHAG. Love it. Please stop by and say hi. Country hugs, Sherry


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