Tuesday, June 22, 2010


These are my sawdust cats. I made the 1st one in 1991 and guess what,I STILL have it!!! I was making them for shows and I just couldn't part with it. So he still holds a place of honor on my red shelf!!!! These sawdust filled cats are based on a design by folk artist Kay Cloud. I used to make a lot of sawdust dolls during my show days. I have 2 that I kept. I also have a black sawdust doll that's been waiting for quite sometime to not be nekked anymore. She wants clothes and to be listed on ebay!!!!!

My sawdust cats are all handsewn using 100% vintage wool.

Then there's the "HERBS" pocket pillow that I finally finished. The needle punch pattern is my Buddy Lori Brechlin's design. TWO days of stitchin' to get this pillow finished!!! It's kinda hard to get the pocket stitched in the center of the vintage wool army blanket just right!!!! I'm pretty fussy with my work. And of course there is all those hours spent sleeping LOL!!!!!! I've got another pocket punched and I really should finish it the way I finished this one cuz I love how this one turned out. The other pocket says "POSIES".

BUT today I started workin' on a design of my own,some punched strawberries that I have a special idea of how to display them. AND there's a punched pocket that's all sewn,sittin' on the deck drying after being aged. So lots to do This isn't even the half of the things waiting for me!!!!!

If you like to take a closer look at these items,they're listed on ebay right now. You can just click on the button over on the right.

Thanks for visiting me!!!!!
Time for lunch and As The World Turns THEN a long nap!!!!!


Friday, June 18, 2010


This is a pattern Anne Nichols,Anne-Tiques, gave me. Her red dot pattern slipped while she was drawing it out for a customer,so she couldn't sell it. Hope I did it justice!!!! It's listed on eBay right now.

Also,I FINALLY have beautiful hollyhocks blooming!!!!! No matter that they're in amongst all the weeds,they're blooming and I'm enjoying them out the window!!!!! And even better,I've got a humming bird coming to enjoy them too!!!!!

Get to WORK Sherry!!!!!!

OK Sherry.....OUT