Friday, January 20, 2012

Grand Opening of New Selling Blog!!!

Just click on the link on my sidebar to go to Primitive Handmades Mercantile to see some REALLY COOL items for sale!!! AND when you're there,don't forget to sign up for email to be reminded of the updates which will be the 3rd Friday every month. AND sign up for the Grand Opening Giveaway too!!!!


Thursday, January 12, 2012

On a Thursday Morning

Good Morning!!
I really don't have much to say,but I thought it might be cruel and unusual punishment to keep making you look at my Christmas decorating pictures,even though my house still looks that way. Haven't taken anything down and don't know when I will.
A few weeks ago I fell into a deep dark rabbit hole. Thought I was working my way up out of it,but it seems to be slippery and I've slipped a bit. Believe it or not after all this time,there's still so much to handle on a daily basis. BUT I'm still working on stuff!!! Thank God for my work!!! I'm getting things ready for a new selling blog that I've joined,that will be opening soon. I hope it's gonna be a GREAT success!!!
Once again I MUST thank you for all your great comments and emails. They sure do warm my heart and as I've said before, I do read them over and over.That includes the emails that some of you have sent,even though I'm so bad about responding to them. I'm sorry. But please know that they mean so much to me.
Yup the rug that I've posted is for sale.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

How I Spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

Since I hurt your eyes before showing the mess that I had gotten myself into I thought I would show you how it looks now,after a bit of a breakdown I had.The wreath on the door hasn't been out of the box in 5 years.I made it a long time ago.It's covered with antique & vintage ornaments.Of course since I FINALLY got it finished,it's gonna just have to stay this way!!! Look how far ahead I am for next Christmas!!!!!
I finished the rug a few days ago and it's for sale now. Great doodle design by Robin of Bird in the Hand that I adapted to this primitive rug.
Once again I MUST thank you all for your very kind comments and emails!!! I do read them over & over,they mean so much to me.Just wish I could be with all of you in person!!!