Monday, July 29, 2013

FALL,My Favorite Time !!!

Just finished this rug/runner last nite.

It's my original design drawn freehand on the backing. It looks great on my antique bench or hanging on my antique cupboard!!! I used lots of hand dyed and as is textured reversible wools.
It's approx. 8" X 19"

    $150.00 with shipping included

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Saturday, July 20, 2013


My JOY today is that,doors and windows are OPEN!!!!! A cool front came through with rain to break the horrible heat wave!!! I have been feeling even more of a prisoner in the house lately,because I couldn't even go outside without feeling the heat immediately. MS and heat are 2 words that just don't go together!!! Besides a few years ago my brain tumor broke the thermostat in my brain,as I describe it, and I'm always too hot when others think it's very comfortable. Not me!!! Sure hope it stays this way,but reality tells me that it won't!!! We still have the dog days of August to come yet!!! Wouldn't it be great if it could just stay Fall,my favorite time of year, all year round!!! BUT then I do think snow is one of the most beautiful things there is. Especially at night when it's snowing and everything is so still and quite and glowing. OK enough about the weather that only God can control!!! I'd like to show you some finished items that I have for sale. Hope you like them!!!
PS: If you click on the pictures you'll get a better look at the items.

                                                               HOOKED SAMPLER RUG
This design is actually a penny rug designed by Nancy Moore that was in the magazine PRIMITIVE QUITS and PROJECTS. She named it,Rhapsody in White, I guess because of the colors she chose. When I adapted the design to be a hooked rug I thought of it more as a sampler.
I used a vintage Woolrich wool to hook the basket or pot,whichever it looks like to you, and for the binding on the back.
The rug is a large one at approx. 19" X 21"
I'm asking a bargain price for this one of a kind rug of $225.00 which INCLUDES shipping to the USA.SOLD THANK YOU!!!
This wonderful X stitch design is by, The Blue Attic, stitched by me.

I used a coarse heavier vintage linen that's naturally aged on both pinkeeps.
It's approx. 3" X 12" and completely stuffed with wool.

I'm sorry that this picture is blurry. It's a sweet repro flannel.

I used an antiqued crocheted piece for the hanger that I attached with rusty pins and antique buttons. There's also a vintage string of antique buttons and antique straight pins. 

Asking $48.00 for this one of a kind pinkeep AND that INCLUDES the Shipping.SOLD THANK YOU
The next 2 items are on PRIMITIVE HANDMADES MERCANTILE for our JULY Update!!!

This is a GREAT design by Cathy, RED HOUSE WOOL STUDIO

I changed it up a bit. It's approx. 11" X 21"
Asking $150.00 + SHIPPING
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Well thanks for stopping by!!! It's almost 1:00 and I'm still in jammies and unfortunately It's warming up again and it's getting to be time to close myself up & get the AC goin AGAIN.