Tuesday, December 31, 2013

NOT A GOOD END TO 2013 PLEASE God Could 2014 be better than the last 2 years

So I've been selling on eBay for well over 14 years. Started sometime after I became too ill to travel to do shows. When I started I didn't even know how to turn a computer on,so I'd take pictures of the item and write everything down in a notebook and my husband would list everything on eBay. He knew more about the computer because when they disabled him from his job as a Firefighter,I promised him that I would buy him a computer if I earned enough money at the show I was doing,since his injury kept him from working at the job he loved and from his part time job also. Learning things to do on the computer really helped him. Eventually I started to teach myself so then I did all my listings of my auctions. I've listed constantly all these years,but since he died,my selling on eBay became even more important because I need the income from selling my work to help support myself. Yesterday morning I did what I do every morning,got my coffee and turned on the puter and got a VERY BIG SHOCK. I have been suspended from eBay and my auctions were removed. This is what happened. One Saturday morning several weeks ago I turned on the puter and there was an email to contact my credit card co. Capital One immediately,so I did. Someone had stolen my credit card # and since 5 that a.m. they had been trying to charge things about every 6 minutes. Well the creeps picked the wrong one to steal because it was just a small limit card that I got after my husband died,to build my own credit. I seldom use it.The last time was the beginning of Sept.so most places that they tried to charge wouldn't go through because it was over my limit. Ha serves them right!!! BUT they managed to have a sale go through on eBay.Capital One notified Paypal,who in turn filed a claim against ME. To try to shorten this after over 2 hours on the phone yesterday in a 3 way between me,eBay & paypal nothing as been resolved. Ebay lady told PayPal guy that they'll reinstate me if they drop this claim against me. PayPal says they can't do that till the investigation is over & Capital One closes it. Capital One says that they can't close it till the merchant responds within the 45 days that they've given them. She tells me that it won't be till the 1st week of Feb. I told eBay & PayPal that they should have never put that charge through because I don't even have that card registered with them AND they're telling me that they couldn't call me back because it was the wrong phone #. I've had the SAME phone # registered with them for OVER 10 YEARS. Has anybody ever had a problem like this???? ..