Monday, March 31, 2014


Recently when my friend Lori Brechlin of Notforgotten Farm was showing some of her new pattern designs,one of them was a needle punch that had rug hooking around it. I was immediately inspired by it!!!!

So I drew up one of my original designs that had been for a hooked rug. I've hooked and sold this one a couple of times. On my original drawing there were also some half circles around the top area that I did use on the hooked rugs,but decided not to punch them.

The 1st time I hooked it I also had the wool spiral flowers. The 2nd time I hooked the flowers. But for the needle punch version,I knew that I would make the wool spiral flowers and stitch them on. There was a lot of trial & error on this piece!!! I used Valdani hand dyed pearl cotton for the punching. Then I had to choose the wool for the hooked part. I put the NP on several different wools but kept going back to this very dark green & black check it seemed to accent the NP best. And to give it a bit of a spark I hooked a row with a nice blue & black check. I used the same dark wool to hand stitch to the back. The punched part measures approx. 8 1/2" X 6 1/2" and with the hooking approx. 11 1/4 X 9. I think the hooking gives the punching it's own frame. I gave it a black floss little hanger,but the way I really like to hang hooked pieces is with a tiny tack nail because it disappears between the hooked loops.
Thank You Lori for the inspiration!!! I hope to do more of these,but right now I have a round chair pad with a rabbit & flowers that I'm hooking on my frame.

This OOAK primitive needle punched and hooked rug is available for sale.
$110.00 + $3.50 Shipping  SOLD
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Monday, March 24, 2014


This rug I adapted from a needle punch pattern by Jan Goos of Goos Nest.
Available For Sale

This rug I had shown here before in progress. It's from a design by,Julie Burns that had been in a Create and Decorate magazine.
Available For Sale

This is my original hooked shelf pillow. It has been popular every year at of course Spring time!!
Available For Sale

My hooked Make-Do Birds on antique wood thread spools have also always been a popular design.
Available For Sale

LOVE doin' my Hit or Miss Rugs!!! Every one is always an original One of a Kind!!
Available For Sale  SOLD

Another of my hooked Make-Do birds. They're stuffed with wool so they also make great pincushions!!! The wool won't dull your needles!!!
Available For Sale

I love this Hit or Miss OOAK rug BUT whoa it was a LOT of work!!
This rug is sold.

One of Meshe's regular daily routines (besides terrorizing her mommy) is to run through the house at top speed with a toy moving them from one place to another. I had to laugh out loud when I saw how see had placed her squirrels on her bed steps!!!

The little devil herself!!!

Back to work moving toys!!!
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