Thursday, September 16, 2010


Here's a pillow that I have on ebay right now. It's really cool!!!! I hooked a Lumina pumpkin onto a vintage Army blanket,then I stuffed it with wool scraps for that olden lumpy feel and look.

I also am selling TONS of vintage wool on ebay!!! A long time ago an antique dealer friend brought me a truck load of wool that her partner had bought. The way lots of the pieces are cut I believe it must have been from an old factory where they made suits. I have made and sold so many things from this wool!!!! I'm selling it VERY cheap not because there's anything wrong with it,but because I STILL have so much of it!!!! I really have to clear out this house of everything that I can cause at some point they're prolly gonna make us get out of here!!!! So if you can keep a watch on my auctions I have lots of neat stuff to sell!!!!!!

The wool is in tweeds of browns and greys. And a solid grey. I'm packing it in Flat rate priorty boxes in medium and large and stuffing the boxes with as much wool as I can pack in there. There's all size pieces and parts so it would be great for hooking,penny rugs, stuffing and all kinds of crafts.

If your interested just click on my ebay button over there on the right or you can click on the little doll at the top right and contact me.

Thanks for stopping by my blog,I really appreciate it!!!!!

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