Friday, July 20, 2012


Good Morning!! Sissy & I got a late start today,we didn't get up till 9, guess we were tired. I'm surprised the phone didn't wake us up with one of those severly annoying computerized calls that come everyday at ALWAYS a bad time. But never fear the pohone did ring with one of those calls before the coffee was brewed. Well now I have my coffee, so will you join me by clicking on The Primitive Handmades Mercantile banner over there on the right to look at all the new offerings of the wonderful artists??? See you there!!!! Sherry....OUT


  1. You can put your number on a no call list, you will quit getting those calls. Look up no call list for your state. B.

  2. I already did that well over a month ago,maybe 2 months. My husband had done it when it 1st came out.
    So far no luck.


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