Sunday, November 15, 2009


There's a saying,if it weren't for bad luck you'd have no luck at all!!!!
Kinda fits John and I but it's too negative a statement for me. I try to keep smiling and making jokes to laugh and make others laugh,maybe mostly so I don't cry.

Last Monday a.m. I had an appointment to have a special CAT scan. I guess it's supposed to check the arteries to my colon. A cardiologist was supposed to read it last Thursday.

In the meantime last Sunday nite when John took a shower,he came out & told me that he coughed up a clot of blood. I said we'll have to call the Dr. in the a.m. Then in the morning he coughed up more blood as I was starting to get ready for my test. I said call the Dr.,They said go to the ER. John said I'm goin' to take you 1st & then go to the ER. HA, I don't think so!!! So our son, Mike left work to take his Dad to the ER. Our daughter Mary Jo was supposed to be at work by noon,she came to take me to my test.
The Dr.'s office had told me to take a xanax before I left and another when I got there,cause you have to be still & my MS doesn't usually allow that,especially when I'm stressed. I was definately stressed about John & the tremors were in full force so I popped 2 right away.
The ladies taking care of me for the test were so nice to me,they knew I wanted to hurry & get out of there so I could get to the hospital where John was.

They told me one thing you HAVE to do is drink 64 oz. of water today. Can I drink my Snapple White Tea???? NOPE it's gotta be water,you've had too much of this dye put in you since they did it in the hospital too & if you don't wash it all out,your kidneys are gonna shut down. Oh JOY!!!! Did the best I could on the water!!!

Well John got admitted. Pneumonia AGAIN. The Dr. said the clots he was coughing up was the pneumonia and that he was lucky that he was coughing it up.
I felt so guilty that I gave it to him,since I've had the creeping crud that I got in my Dr's office after I got out of the hospital.

Since I'm still not well,we decided that I wouldn't be coming to see him,so we just talked on the phone.

He came home Thursday nite. Truthfully I really wanted him to stay longer. They were really taking good care of him and I knew that I couldn't do anything for him,since I'm havin' a hard enough time taking care of myself & this Alien that I have in my stomach.

Funny thing,when we'd talk in the mornings,he'd say he just got a bath and a backrub,
WHAT???????? When I was in there,I didn't even get to have my sheets changed!!!!!!
Maybe if ya have a va jay jay ya don't get those extras!!!!!! All I know is that I would have killed for a backrub!!!!! AND in the mornings they'd bring me a couple of wet wash cloths and say do you feel like washing up???? NO!!! OK then they'd just leave them there!!!
Sure not the way I was taught to do things in nursing school!!!!
John thinks I'm going to be put back in the hospital,I'm ignoring him.

BUT I am still working,slowly but I'm doin' it!!!!! I finished a really folk arty turkey rug last yesterday that I hope I can get listed today. I'm sure it won't be everybody's cup of tea,but I like it so much, that I'd like to hurry and do another one!!!!!


Friday, November 6, 2009


Even though there was a sidetrack stay in the hospital,I worked on it little by little as my strenght would allow. I'm NOT gonna sit here and do nuttin'!!!! I GOTTA be workin' on stuff!!!!

I won't bore you to tears with all my health problems,cause there's just too much to say and I don't have the energy to one finger type it all. Sometimes when my dear friends call,I even have to tell them that I have to hang up.

Imagine that, Sherry too pooped to talk!!!! That's a first LOL!!!!!!

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I've been sick since the beginning of Sept. with a bladder infection. Pretty common for people with MS. But I am forever thankful that I didn't let the pain keep me from going to Malabar!!!!!

So since then things have gone down hill all the way. Seems my colon isn't happy.
Bleeding and I describe the pain as the last stages of labor.

I BEGGED the Drs. to let me out on a Thursday nite. John needed me at home and besides the woman in the bed next to me was driving me nuts. Had to see my Dr. on Tuesday after discharge. Sat in his waiting room for an hour & a half amongst a whole herd of sickies. So me,who never gets sick with colds or flu proceeds to get the worst cough you ever want to hear. No stuffy nose,no sneezeing,nope took the direct route to the lungs. So this gets added to the severe stomach & back pain.

After being given a Zpac & cough med to take with the other 2 antibiotics I was on,not to mention all the other drugs I was on,John counted 17,I was talked into going to the Drs. office a week ago Thursday nite.

When the Dr. saw me,there were 2 votes for putting me back in the hospital and 1 vote for NO. Guess who's vote the no was LOL!!!!! Well I won!!!! Made sense to me!!!
It was already after 8 at nite,they wouldn't be doing anything except get an IV goin' & respitory therapy and then I'd end up sittin' there the whole week-end before they could address the colon problem.
Then the Dr. remembered that John uses a nebulizer & had the right med for it,so he said to give me treatments. So home I went with ANOTHER bag of drugs.

Actually,I know this is very long but I am skippin' a lot of it.
I've got a bad case of thrush from all the antibiotics I've been on since Sept. Never had that in my life. But now I've got meds for that too.
Then last Sunday I started severe nausea from all these drugs. But now I've got meds for that too!!!!

Did I mention that I can't really eat real food???? NOPE,just things like pudding,yogurt,cream of wheat and heaping handfuls of pills.

I'm having a scan of my vascular system Monday. The colon problem may be coming from the lymphedema in my right leg. The official diagnosis is Ischemic Colitis.
It's been said that what they may have to do is put a shunt through the artery to my colon or remove part of my colon. I dunno about that!!!

Oh and BTW I've developed another bladder infection in the meantime and when I was taken to the ER they found I had no potassium,so I got IV's for that too. Only for it to drop again when the Dr. saw me a few days later,so I'm on potassium pills too,THE worst.

Funny, the MS causes a lot of problems and I deal with them,never thought it would kill me though. I've always figured it would be the brain tumor,now I'm not so sure.
Oh well,one day at a time.

BUT I WILL still keep working!!!! It's slow goin' but I have a rug on ebay now & just sold one yesterday. I've got a pillow all hooked that I hope to get sewn,stuffed and listed today!!!!!

I'm so sorry if I've got you bored to tears by now,but hey I'm sorry, nuttin' exciting ever happens in my life!!! It's not like Rob Lowe's gonna come visit, THEN I'd have something to talk about!!!!

OK I'm pooped till next time


PS: "JACK" is $126.00 plus shipping to your zip code. He's OOAK & 13" X 16"