Thursday, February 11, 2010


Where do I begin. That reminds me of the song that was in the movie Love Story,hmmm that ending didn't work out to well either.

Well,I'm still very sick. I'm thinkin' of calling the people at the Guiness book of records, because I think I've had the longest running case of thrush. Yup I STILL have it,since October. I've been through all kinds of drugs for it. This last one he gave me the info on it said you only need to take one,but that's for a yeast infection of the va jay jay. He gave me a course of FIVE!!! One every other day. STILL didn't work. I have to call and get some more today.

To try to make this long long story short as I can. I'll tell ya that death gets spoken of often. My colon is shot, I've got several blocked arteries. My Gyne thinks that my small intestines are twisted from adhesions. The surgeon says but he doesn't know that. I tend to trust my Gyne. I've been with him his whole practice except for the 1st 2 years that he wasn't here. He's done 4 major surgeries on me & knows my innards well. He's always said that I shouldn't have anymore surgeries because I'm so full of adhesions & so susceptible to them soon as the knife touches me. He spent an hour talking to John & I and he looked so sad to have to say that I need to get the colon out or I'm gonna start to bleed. Then John said & he calls an ambulance,Dr. said yes.

I've had some not so nice treatment from 2 surgeons at two different times. There partners SURPRISE.
So I spend my days in lots of pain. I take Percocet & Bentyl all day. They don't really get rid of the pain,but I guess dulls it enough to keep me from sitting in a corner screaming!!!!!

So I hook and talk to Dear Caring friends on the phone. Can't do much else & I don't want to sit here & do nuttin' and wait for what the woman surgeon said:"If that colon bursts,it will be the worst pain you've ever known in your life"

There's just so much to say but I don't want to bore you to tears or you'll never come back here LOL!!!!!

I've put some pictures in of just a few of the rugs I've hooked and sold on ebay. Sorry about that empty space,but I posted 1 rug twice & couldn't read the Chinese well enough to completely fix it.

Do you remember that commercial that they'd show an egg & say this is your brain,then when the egg was broken & frying, they'd say,this is your brain on drugs.

That's what I say about my hooking. These are my rugs on drugs LOL!!!!!

The hooked red hearts will be going on ebay today.

I'm gonna try to do a better job with this blog!!!!!



  1. HEY!
    I forgot to call you back the other day...still shoveling out here & losing my mind! AAAGGGHHHH!

    LOVE your fun & fresh POLKA DOT background! CUTE!!!
    {like you!}
    Much Love,
    Lori from Notforgotten Farm
    {p.s.} call me tonight!

  2. My goodness, you've been through so much. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Keep staying as tough as you are. Love your rugs!

  3. You know my thoughts and prayers are with you Sherry.

    I'm thrilled to be the owner of the snowman rug! Your workmanship is some of the best I've ever seen! Take care my friend. XXX

  4. Sherry, your hooking is awesome. I just started that about a year ago and still have lots to learn. Lori B. taught me. Thanks for your kind comments on my blog (Millstone Mercantile) Keep your spirits up. Many Blessings. Robin

  5. i'm so sad to hear how you are feeling. it's not fair.

    i LOVE your hearts. tried to find them on eBay but they're not there. i need to learn how to hook.

    i hope you get better soon!

  6. Thank You I had the hearts for a Buy It Now and they sold last nite!!!
    But I sure appreciate you going to look for them!!!


  7. Long Live the Queen. But I wish it didn't have to be so goshdurn uncomfortable. Prayers for you to get better. I still believe in miracles. Hugs. Jo

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