Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I've been wanting a lid for my crock.I know it was probably an old barrel lid and I didn't know if it would fit my crock,but by golly it fits perfectly. I used to decorate everything that didn't move for Christmas. Even 5 trees!! But the past few years there's been NO decorating going on,but I bought this tree at the show,so there,now I'm decorated LOL!!!!!! So there ya go you've seen all my goodies from the show!!!! I'm so thankfull that I got to go!!!!!!
A closer look at my door prize. She was made by Old Raggs USA

A broom doll,some antique tin cups to make things with the doll that I chose when they called my name for a door prize. YIPPEE!!!!

I love wood boxes!!! Isn't this little red (my favorite color)dough box cute????

This cupboard got put above the toidy in the Porta Potty. That's what I call the master bathroom. Believe me there's nuttin' master about it!!! Not much bigger than a Porta Potty so that's why I call it that.

LOVE this shelf!!!! Don't have a clue what I'm gonna put on it yet though!!!!!

These are the items that I have listed on ebay right now. I've made these things since being back from the Simple Goods show. In fact I was working on the "Just Be Claus" pillow in my motel room Friday nite after Lori,Philicia,Robin and me got back from supper.

You can click on the ebay button on the right for a closer look. Thank You!!!


  1. Sherry ~
    Lucky you winning a door prize and a sweet one at that! My friend Wink won a door prize, too. Not me:(
    I love your little hanging cupboard. I have a definite weakness for antique cupboards. Great shelf, too.
    Just be claus...I like that!
    Pug hugs :)

  2. I do like that lil' tree! So glad you got to go to the show. Wonderful dough box great color! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

  3. Sounds like you had an awesome time. Thanks for showing what you got!! Love the box!


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