Monday, November 1, 2010


GIVE THANKS that is. Things could be worse,I don't know how LOL but they could!!!!

Seriously I know they could,so I always do thank God for what I have.

Hells bells we still have a roof over our heads at this time!!!!!

Another thing I'd like to give thanks for,is that the elections will be over by Wednesday!!!!

I am SO sick of it all!!!! Our phone has been ringing constantly with recorded political messages. AND everday our mailbox is filled with political ads that go right in the trash!!!!

AND all the constant TV commercials that don't actually tell what the person will do for you,which prolly wouldn't happen,but just trash talk about their opponent. Isn't it a shame that all the money that's used on this annoying garbage couldn't be used to help people?????

Well off my soap box before I fall!!!!

Anyhoo this rug was inspired from a design by my buddy Lori Brechlin. It's on ebay now if you'd like to take a look,and if you do, I Thank You VERY Much!!!

So since I finished the rug yesterday,I had to get something drawn up. So I'm hooking a squirrel!!!! YUP a life size one!!!! It'll be stuffed and have an acorn or two!!!!

I'm trying to find a way to go to the Simple Goods show saturday!!!!

The one time I did go we had it all planned that John would take me and spend the day in Lori Brechlin's room,which he did and it worked out great. He watched TV and took a nap and then I found him in the resturant when I was ready to go.

But he's much worse now. Most of the time he's in bed. We figured that just for him to drive there it would take at least 3 of the large oxygen tanks and that's not counting that he'd be too worn out.

So last nite my Sweet Friend Lauren,Rugs and Pugs, said she has the week-end planned with a college friend and she said that she could give me a ride there Friday morning,but she didn't know about about getting me back home cause she's not coming home till Sunday.

Maybe I'll just stay there!!!!

ADDED Nov. 2nd
OK everybody hold their Breezies on!!!! There may be a chance that I'm going to get to go to the Simple Goods Show!!!!!!!!! If it does happen it will be due to a couple SUPER Kind and Sweet and Dear Friends!!!!! If it happens I will be going Friday and spending the nite,which I'm sure will be WILD considering the group of us that will be there!!!!!
My heart is pounding from excitement and nervousness!!!!
Would you believe that I'm 63 years old and I've never ever done something like this with girl friends????? John said,well then it's about time that you do it,you're long past deserving it.
But John is part of my nervousness. It's been happening very fast lately,that he's becoming bedridden,so natuarally I'll worry. Also I don't want to be a pain in the ass for the people I'm with cause of my health problems. It's kinda embarrassing to be in the way on a handicap scooter. Believe me there are people at these places that get very pissed off if I'm in the way and of course I'm going to be in the way,cause this is a very small place and very tight between booths. But I know my Chickie Poos will have my back LOL!!!!!
Story to be continued........


  1. Hi Sherry,
    Adorable rug and a good message! Certainly better than we hear from the political mess! I pray that you can attend the show as it would be so good for your soul. Sweet Lauren will find a way!
    Sweet Blessings this day!
    Cathy G

  2. I saw your picture so I know you made it!!! It looked like loads of fun!!!!!! Glad you got to go, Sherry!!


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