Friday, October 29, 2010


Mobile Mutts came Monday to groom Sissy,the 2lb Yorhshire Terrorist. She does not like being groomed one little bit!!!! So we spend the day telling her how pretty she is. I wanted her to sit in the toy wheelbarrow so I could take her picture. I've never seen that evil eye look before. Maybe she does it behind my back,when she's thinkin',1st she makes me get groomed,then she puts me in this silly wheelbarrow and tells me to smile (she really does smile). I don't think so!

Mom, can I get down now????

I did hook a Turkey rug. It's on ebay right now if you'd like to take a look.

I'm workin' on another rug that I hope to get done very soon and listed on ebay.

Ya know if I list more than one picture at a time,they NEVER come out in the order I want them to. I just don't get it!!!! Well I guess you'll figure it out that they're totally in the wrong order that I meant for them to be. Guess I'm doin' good just to get something posted LOL!!!!


See I forgot to post the picture of my Turkey rug SHOOT!!! Now I guess that will come up 1st.

OK, here's the order that I WANTED these pictures to be in,could you please just pretend that they are??? Cause I refuse to start over!!!!

1st:Sissy standing in the wheelbarrow,giving me the evil eye.

2nd:Sissy with her ears down (they seldom are) asking me to get her down now.

3rd my Turkey rug that's on ebay


  1. Sissy is adorable!! Love that turkey rug!

  2. ohhh, sissy is so cute! hey look sooo pretty!

    that's the same thing i tell my Gus after he gets home from the groomer's...

    love both of your rugs :)


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