Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I finished my rug Monday nite!! Steamed it yesterday (Tues.) and listed it on ebay.

It was kinda a difficult rug to hook. It's actually a beautiful needle punch pattern by Teresa Kogut that's only 5" X 5". I tripled the size,but with so many motifs and details everything was very close together. The finished rug is my 2nd try at enlarging it. The 1st time everything just seemed really too close together.

If I ever hooked this rug again,which I can pretty much be sure that I won't,I'd enlarge it much more than I did.

Well, hopefully,someone will feel that they can't live without this rug!!!! Even though it has a pumpkin on it,it's a rug that I'd keep hanging on a wall all year round,cause it has a good everyday message on it,"GIVE THANKS"

If you'd like a closer look,you can click on the ebay button over there on the right.

I'm already well into my next rug. It will be a runner.

Till next time



  1. Sherry, it's gorgeous!!! Best wishes for high bids my friend.

  2. Thrilled you are offering this for sale. It's one of the most beautiful rugs I've ever seen.
    Truly a work of art.

  3. Sherry, you did a fantastic job! I just love the colors you used. Wishing you big, big bids on it. It's wonderful!

  4. Sherry ~
    The rug came out great! May your bids be plentiful and high:)
    Pug hugs :)

  5. Beautiful rug, love that hooked up.
    I hope it does well, it deserves high bids.


  6. WOW!!!! Thank You All for such WONDERFUL comments!!!!! Sure does warm my heart.
    Thank You Thank You

  7. It is beautiful! You are very talented...


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