Friday, October 8, 2010


After the miserable summer I had of being HOT HOT HOT all the time,think of a NEVER ending hot flash, I am LOVIN' this cool weather!!!!! Some people in this house don't agree with me,John. The other day he felt that he wanted the furnace on,just because it was in the low 40's. OH NO!!!!! So I went in my bedroom and closed the registers in there and in the Porta Potty (so called master bathroom Ha) had the window open and the ceiling fan on,aaahhhh.
There was one day that I actually did have on sweat pants, a t-shirt & sweatshirt jacket on. The sweatshirt jacket didn't stay on long though
So I've been hookin' & hookin' listing on ebay,packin' stuff to ship,still listing my vintage wool,etc.,etc. And doing my constant daily quest for a place to live. I VERY seldom leave the house,but I sure am busy all the time!!!! AND I just don't know why the time has to go WAY faster than I do!!!!!
So the 2 Hit or Miss rugs above are listed on ebay right now. If you'd like to take a look,you can click on the ebay button over on the right. THANK YOU!!!
Till Next Time


  1. Oh, I am a HOT person too. My husbaand is always whining! You can always but on another layer - but you can only get naked (or however that goes - haha). I love your rugs. Happy Fall! SUE

  2. I am the one who needs cool and fresh air, so always battling with my husband over the house temperature, lol. Wonderful rugs, love the scrappy hit and miss.


  3. No matter the temp, you just keep on hooking lol. Your hit or miss are great pieces!! I'm actually going up to crawl under the blankets now and get some sleep :)


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