Saturday, February 12, 2011


Well this is what's on the frame now. It's a needle punch pattern by Wendy of Pineberry Lane that I adapted,with Wendy's kind permission,to be a rug.
I'm trying to hook it in a way that doesn't scream Spring,but a primitive rug to be kept out year round. I'm also trying a beading technique around the edge,that I'll say is a bit of a challenge. Ya sure can't do speed hooking on it!!!!
Now here's what I'd like to have your opinions on. Yesterday I hooked his tail with an off white wool roving and today I'm thinkin' that I think it looks too bright that's with the other colors. Yup,thinkin' more about that tail needs to come OUT!!! I'm gonna see if I have any dark brown roving.When I did shows I used to use the brown for my doll's hair a lot,so maybe I still have some!!!! OK then I think that's settled LOL!!!! But I STILL welcome your opinions!!!!!
Since I sold that other chair pad,I hooked another one that's listed on ebay right now iffin' you'd like to take a closer look!!!!
THANKS For Stopping By!!!!


  1. Sherry ~
    You are just a hookin' fool!
    If you don't have any darker roving, can you just perhaps coffee stain his tail to tone it down? It is a bit bright. I've not yet tried of these days. First I have to finish that @(&$^#%*! horse rug I've been working on for almost a year.
    Pug hugs :)

  2. I love the beading. do you run two pieces of wool together and pick up the color that you want with your hook? I love the subject also. I am on the last of a large rug and need inspiration on some smaller pieces.

  3. Well I've already changed his tail!! I did have some very old roving that's kinda a medium brown with a little hint of other colors,like grey in it. Much Better!!! Yup Cathy I'm runnin' 2 wool worms along,not so easy to pull the right one up cause as you're hookin' ya can't see what's goin' on underneath.

  4. Hi Sherry,
    I really Love that beading! (I've tried a little bit of it and it isn't that easy to do) That is a darling rug! Hope we get a peek of it when you are finished! Your work is always spectacular!
    Cathy G

  5. Thank You Cathy!!! What I've been doing with the beading is that I do a section of it and then go back to regular hooking of the rug,that seems to help.
    Sure I'll be posting him here. I'm hoping to finish today so I can list it on ebay tonite.


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