Thursday, February 24, 2011


HOOKED Farmhouse Eggs!!!!
ALL items pictured are on ebay plus more!! There's an ebay button over there on the right if you'd like to take a closer look!!!
I want to list bunches of primitive goodies that I have in anticipation of moving. It's just that it takes lots of time,which takes me away from working on more things to sell. Wish there were 3 of me and at least ONE of them be HEALTHY to get all the things done that I want to do!!!
Yesterday I worked on enlarging a needle punch pattern that I want to hook. Took 2 X's to get it to a size that I think will work for hooking. It needs to be put on red dot and then on my backing fabric,and then get hooking. It's going to be a black chalkware style rabbit.
BUT what did I do instead???!!!???
I put a rug on my floor frame that I bought about a year ago that's supposed to be for me. Well once I had it on the frame I knew exactly the colors that I wanted to hook the HUGE tulip in. It's about the size of a small rug,that's just the tulip part of it!!! This rug is from Wooly Woolens and is 42 1/2" X 32 1/2" BIG!!!! The idea was to work on it a little bit at a time. DID I do that!!!???!!! OF COURSE NOT!! Couldn't help myself,I hooked on it all day till a point that I was very tired and needed to get to bed,but proceeded to hook a little more.Now since it's sitting right here next to me,I want to pull it over to me and start hookin' again. Somebody STOP me I'm supposed to be working on things to sell,NOT this huge rug!!!!
Oh what will she do??????


  1. Hahaha....that's the sort of thing that happens to me too!! LOVE the hooking!

  2. Those eggs are AMAZING!!!!!!!!

    Carmen and the Primcats

  3. All of your rugs are beautiful! I love stopping by and being inspired! Thanks, Becky

  4. Love those eggs....simply amazing!

  5. I'm lucky to have some of your eggs and they really ARE amazing! All of your offerings are wonderful Sherry. I hope you sell everything. Your works are so well done and this I know cuz I am blessed to own several pieces I will always cherish.

  6. Sherry ~
    You've been a busy girl, but how's come we did not see a picture of the rug you started for you???
    Hugs :)

  7. Thank You Sooo Much Everyone!!!!
    And for Lauren,cause I'm too busy hookin' it to take a picture of it LOL!!!!

  8. Everything is so beautifully hooked! Love them all. Can't wait to see the "Biggun" that you can't keep your hands off of. Share soon!!!


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