Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I just recently finished this rug and have it listed right now on ebay. Wasn't so easy to list because I love it!!! It's an antique chalkware rabbit,that's really a needle punch design by Jan Goos of Goos Nest. I bought the pattern last year because I thought it could be a really neat hooked rug and I think I was right. I hooked it to be 16" X 20" which is a great size for a table or the floor. One of the pictures that I took for my auction was on the floor in front of the open door of one of my antique cupboards and it really looked nice there.
I was actually out of the house on both Saturday and Sunday this past week-end!!!!!
That's more than I've been out in the past 6 months!!! Which is a good thing cause usually something happens to me when I do go out!!! We had to pick up my perscriptions for my pain meds and Vitamin D. Yup I have to have a scrip for Vitamin D because it's 50,000 units once a week. And the Percocet has to be a written scrip every month because it's a contolled substance. The REALLY REALLY sad thing is that we have to go through this rig-a-ma-row every month to get them and my daughter tells me they're all over at my grandson's middle school for a buck a piece. Isn't that sad??? WHY do these kids want to take these!!!!?????!!!!
Well anyhoo I digress,on with the rest of the story. There's a Dollar store next to the drug store and I wanted to go there cause I had a bunch of stuff I needed to get. So John dropped me off there and went on to the drug store to wait for my meds. He handed me $40,that's enough for the Dollar store RIGHT???? WRONG!!!! She rang up $60 !!!!!!! OH NO!!! She said,what do you want me to take out??? Well nothing!! I said I have to go out and get some more money from my husband. He wasn't out there yet!!!! I go back in the store,the line behind me has gotten very long and from the looks on their faces,they're none too happy with me and I'm ready to burst into to tears from embarrassment and pain cause I only had my cane and could hardly stand any longer. Then this wonderful,sweet black lady in the line reaches out $20 to me and says here take this,you look like an honest lady,I say yes,I am. Ready to burst into tears again from her extreme act of kindness,I pay my bill,leave my things in the store,tell the kind lady that I'll be right outside the door,waiting for my husband to come. FINALLY John got there when the lady just finished putting her things in her car and was bringing the cart back and John came. Got the $20 from him and had a buck in my pocket so I gave that to her too. God Bless Her!!! I have lived my life with the theory that what you do for others comes back to you and whether it does or not you're still blessed with the wonderful feeling that that you were able to help someone. I KNOW all this to be fact,cause no matter how bad that things have been,I have been Blessed more times than I can possibly ever count!!!!
Now for the reason that I was out on Saturday and Sunday I have found us a wonderful place to live and a life!!!! There will be more on this as I work hard on making it all happen!!!!
A bit long winded today,aren't I, LOL!!!
Many Thanks for stopping by!!!!


  1. Sherry!
    I am absolutely in LOVE with your Choc. Bunny rug! It must be VERY hard to part with! You should hook another for yourself! I love your story too as it always restores a little faith that there are more good people out there than bad. Looks like you have found a really wonderful place to live! I wish all the best and hope this is a new beginning for you and John! Keep us posted!
    Thank-you too for stopping by my blog and all the good words!
    Cathy G

  2. Super rug! So sweet. I really love the story. I just get all misty eyed when I read about kindness and generosity! I'm glad you had a chance to get out a bit! Stay well!

  3. Sherry ~
    Great rug!!! Great story!!! And great news on the housing issue!!! Keep us posted.
    Hugs :)

  4. It turned out great!!!

  5. Your rug is beautiful !! All of your rugs are beautiful !!
    I've had this exact thing happen to me in a store and yes, while it is embarassing, God can use this situation to bless someone else, by being able to bless us .....
    smile !!

  6. Hi Miss Sherry!! Love your rabbit, would look really cute in my home...speaking of home, I hope all goes well with your new place and the move is a smooth one!!!!!(millstonemercantile)


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