Wednesday, March 23, 2011

No Rest For The Weary!!

I am working for that sweet little house pictured over there on the right!!!!
There's so many things around here in various stages of completion that you'd think 2 people were working here. Plus listing other things that I don't want to move to the new house. Those Dr.s orders everyday naps aren't working so well either!!! I'm tired,but if I do lay down I'm thinking about things to make and things to do,so I can't fall asleep. Oh well,I guess at least I lay down and rest for awhile.
John goes to the new house on Sundays. I don't go with him,not that I don't want to,I just don't want to get worn out doing that and not keep working. When he got home last Sunday,he told me that there's a sign up on it now that say's Sale Pending. I got all excited,he didn't understand,so I told him,that means it's off the market,so things must be going well. Now he walks around here and every so often he'll just say,"Sale Pending" LOL!!!!
So here's a couple new things I listed for sale.
Come Back Soon!!!


  1. Sherry! LOVE your Easter creations! As always your work is meticulous!
    And you are doing good following Dr.s orders to rest! Our minds certainly don't want to shut off when there's always so much to to.
    With that charming little new home waiting in the wings you should be having very sweet dreams!
    Hoping things keep progressing there!!
    Cathy G

  2. Sherry ~
    So where is this house? When is tentative date of the new move?
    Congrats to you.
    Hugs :)

  3. Thank You So Much Cathy!!!

    Lauren, it's near the corner of Mills and Rt.83
    Too early for Congrats though.

  4. Hi Sherry, I love your Easter Bunny!!! Cheri

  5. Love your easter pieces, really nicely done.


  6. Hi Sherry!

    Just stopping by to say has been way to long. Love your Easter handmades! You do such lovely work. I will say a prayer that the "sale pending" sign turns into a "SOLD" sign. :) What an adorable little house, I truly hope you get it. Yep, that nap thing is not the easiest thing to do when our minds are going. I find myself having the same problem almost all of the time.


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