Friday, April 1, 2011


Good Morning!!!
Anybody out there a fan of Army Wives on Lifetime???
I've been a fan since it started,I think it's 3 years now.
So anyhoo Sunday nite when it came on,I was working as usual hooking a rug. In the beginning of the show it was makin' me do a little sniffeling,but I could still keep hooking. Well it wasn't long before I was just plain sobbing!!! Going through kleenex after kleenex!!! The Cornell's the one that got me. He's so tough and stoic that he barely even cracks a smile,but when he started crying,I really lost it. Ya just can't hook and sob your eyes out at the same time!!! If you haven't seen the show it's on Sunday nites at 9. It's a very good show and very well written.
Yup you have seen this rug before. Well not this one cause this is my 2nd one I've hooked. One of my very good customers had seen the 1st one I designed on my blog,and asked if she could order one. I'm so excited for her to have it because I used the same wools that I used on many of the pieces that she already has from me. It'll be on it's way to her next week.
Now for Mr. Fritz!!! I've been making him for years. He's from an out of print Konfetti's pattern,but done my way. When I did the 1st one for some reason I just thought he looked like he should be called Mr. Fritz. I've hooked many and all of them different,but he's always still Mr. Fritz. As for the flower he's holding,I've also been hooking these for years. When my sister died,that's all I did for quite awhile,sit and hook these flowers. I've used them in many ways,but for Mr. Fritz I always make them into a pin,that he's more than happy to share with you if you'd like to wear it. He's listed on ebay right now. I have another waiting to be sewn,but I'm also hooking another rug. And nope I haven't worked on my big rug lately. Just been working on things to sell!!!
Thanks for stopping by!!
Till next time, YEAH!!!! YIPPEE!!!! COOL!!!!! GREAT DAY!!!! I just got an email from Robin that I WON the subscription for the new magazine:Quilts and Projects!!!! My Hungarian ESP had a feeling that I was gonna win and I DID!!!!!! A BIG BIGGER BIGGEST Thank You to Robin!!!!!!


  1. What ever happened to Konfetti? I wonder if she's still around and designing?

  2. I want to bite off the ears of Mr. Fritz - cute chocolate bunny!

  3. I love your work. I have never seen army wives but you make it sound good.

  4. I think your bunny is great! Love the hearts. Super work!

  5. Love the bunny,I understand how you felt about keeping busy after your sister died and doing a mindless repetitive task. When my brother died I went to the garden and pulled weeds and worked in my garden.I am happy to say my daughter is having a baby in June and the baby's middle name will be my brothers name. We're lucky to have crafts that keep us busy even when it's very tough. I love your work!Cheri


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