Saturday, April 9, 2011

"Little Red Pony"

Soon as I saw this free doodle from Robin of Bird In The Hand Primitives,I could hardly wait to adapt it to a hooked rug. Thank You Robin!!!
I had another rug to finish 1st before I could get to this one.
I wish wool colors would show up better in my pictures. I used a really drab brown on the background that has very thin lines of navy and it just doesn't show up as olde looking as it does in person.
I was happy with it when I took it off the frame. I think it looks really primitive and antiquey. I had to name it "Little Red Pony" rug.
I had also bought Robin's little doodle pattern booklet and I've adapted one of those doodles too,that I'm hooking now.
I have listed "Little Red Pony" on ebay.
Thanks for stopping by!!!!


  1. What a cute pony. I could see more details of your background when I clicked on the picture and enlarged it, but I know what you mean about photos. I love the color of the horse and the bright flowers. Robin's doodles are fun.

  2. I love your little red pony. The colors are wonderful.

  3. Very sweet piece! Love Robin's designs :)


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