Monday, March 14, 2011


I think I set a record for myself for hooking a rug!!! I drew this one up Friday afternoon and finished hooking it Sunday afternoon about 3:00. Then steamed it and photographed it and layed down for awhile,cause I was pooped.
John had told me Saturday that he planned to go look around at the new house on Sunday. I told him that I had too much work to do,finishing the rug and work on binding the rabbit rug,but boy when he left I sure did feel a tug to go with him,but I was still in jammies hookin' and I didn't want to get myself worn out and not finish the rug. The Realtors are there on the week-ends with the houses open,but they've told me that if I want to go there during the week to just tell them and they'll meet us. I won't bother them for that since they're there on the week-end. I'm feeling very protective now though,I don't want people going through OUR house!!! They tell me that things are going very well with us buying this house. I should have been there almost 6 years ago. But no matter how hard you pray God knows best and it's in HIS time. Usually we don't know why,but this time I can come up with lots of reasons why we had to wait till this time and I know it's going to work out!!!!
You can see my new Chick Chick Chick rug on ebay if you'd like
Thanks for stopping by,I appreciate you!!!

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  1. you are one fast hooker. It is so cute good luck with ebay.


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