Wednesday, March 16, 2011

OFF Time Hooking

This is the BIG rug that I mentioned a few posts ago. The title of this post,OFF Time Hooking means that my idea was to work on this rug a little at a time between working on things to sell,like I should be doing. I keep it on my floor frame next to my chair. Some mornings,I'll be looking over at it and I hear it saying,hook me hook me and before I know it,it's bedtime and the only thing I've worked on is this rug!!! Yesterday was one of those mornings and the only way to shut it up was to pull it over and start hooking!!! So I'm hookin' away and my buddy,Lori Rippey called. After talkin' and hookin' for awhile I told her,time to move the rug to a new spot. She says,oh take a picture since you'll have it off the frame!!! But I never take it off the frame when I move it,it's too big and getting too heavy. I just usually lift and move a little at a time. I said OK I'll take it off and take a picture. I thought,it would be kinda nice to see it,since I haven't seen it either off the frame,I just keep hooking. I laid it out and said to Lori,oh I like it!!! Worked on the vase area yesterday,till bedtime of course and as much as I'd like to finish that part up,I've GOT to work on some things to sell.Shut Up rug Stop calling me!!!! I'll show more pics down the road as more gets finished. Boy do I ever dread steaming and binding it!!!!
Thanks for stopping by!!!!


  1. Beautiful rug Sherry. I can see why it's calling out to you!


  2. It's Beautiful Sherry! I too can see why it is calling you :)

  3. Lori Rippey says it's GORGEOUS my friend! Thanks for showing us!

  4. I feel the same way about the rug I'm working on! Your rug pattern and colors are great. Let it lead you astray!

  5. Sherry ~
    Great colors in your rug. Answer when it screams at you!
    Hugs :)

  6. Wonderful colors and love the design. It always feel good to see progress.

  7. Love your colors! I have this pattern, I may have to dig it out and think about hooking it!
    Thanks for sharing, love it!


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