Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Believe It Or Not

they almost did it AGAIN. For the 2nd time they almost killed John. This time it was in less than 24 hours and even worse. In all their wisdom and Medicare orders (I'm sure)they sent John to ANOTHER rehab place Friday evening. Shocked?????????
I know I was!!! John called me early Saturday morning,very upset.Said they weren't ready for him there either.I told him OK I'll see what I can do. I called and asked for the Charge Nurse.Well after I had to hear about how tired she was since she had come in to work at 3 a.m. REALLY???? and it was only 7:30 a.m.,said she'd go talk to him. I called Mary Jo,since she lives close to the place and told her to go check on her Dad.She said that they had a nice visit,but that they wouldn't move him into a chair cause his counts were too high.Mary Jo then came to my house to change my sheets and run the sweeper,etc. When she was leaving I said,I'm gonna call Lifecare and check on Dad.I called,said who I was and that I was checking on John.The I get,Oh Mrs. Kristoff,um you need to get to the ER,we've called an ambulance.OK panic mode trying to call Mike and Mary Jo,can't get hold of them!!! Luckily Mike checks his phone often in case I call. I had to wait till his wife found a babysitter and then could come and get me while Mike went straight to the ER.I had to wait for what seemed like forever,so I decide to call Lifecare (it's a rehab hospital,like the other place they sent him)to find out what happened.The Nurse that I talked to said an aide came and got her and said something was wrong with him.She said that when she got to his room his counts were zero and he was blue.She also told me that the same thing had happended Friday night hours after he arrived there and that they called the ambulance,but that John refused to go REALLY???????? REALLY?????? I said to her,don't you realize when his counts are bad he's not lucid!!!!???!!!! She said yes,but I don't think so cause they never even called me that this was happening,if they had I would have been able to talk John into going in the ambulance,but instead they sent the ambulance back only to have them come back to take him a short few hours later. Remember in my last post I said that they found a small pneumonia in his upper left lung that wasn't there BEFORE they sent him out????? Well now it has completely taken over the WHOLE left lung.The x-ray they took when he got to the ER shows the whole lung white now.Oh and the pneumonia that he had in the lower right lung when he went into Icu back in May is STILL there.
Remember my bright idea about bring him home??? Well EVERYBODY fought me on it,Mike,Mary Jo & the Dr. Last wednesday a meeting was scheduled in John's ICU room with Mike,Mary Jo, me and the Hospice nurse.Turns out that they weren't going to give me ANY of the things that I needed to bring him home.The kids were happy because they wanted him to go to Lifecare for therapy so that they could at least get him to a point of being able to sit up and maybe even stand up eventually.John had been at Lifcare last year for rehab and it worked,so that's what they were picturing.Well now they are 100% behind me to bring him home.We can say with our mouths that we know that he doesn't have much longer,but not our hearts.There's so much more that I can tell you about all of this,but I can't even begin to type it all,it's so unbelievable what they've done to him.And do the Dr.'s ever ever call and talk to me???? NO and God forbid that you try to call them cause you can't get past their office people.John's primary Dr. is also my Dr.Sunday I began to fully realize what all this is doing to me physically.I am NOT the important one here,but since he's the one that's always saying that I'm seriously ill,you'd think this Dr. might give me just one little thought and call me to talk about John.
So today I will start all over again to try to get the help I need to bring John home.
I've included some pictures of the fence that I FINALLY succeded in at least getting that done. We both wanted this since we found the house.It's meant to protect and keep Sissy,the 2lb.Yorshireterrorist in.John's been asking about it ever since he went to the hospital.Last Thursday evening,the day the fence was finished,Ron took me,the pictures,AND Sissy to ICU!!!! John was so happy.The hospital room was so hot Sissy was drinking water out of a cup,so when we got home I knew she had to pee,so I put her out on the newly fenced in patio and she promptly jumped through the pickets,peed and jumped back in LOL!!!!!! Well I've got it all blocked now so the little bugger can't do that anymore HA!!!!
THANK YOU ALL for the VERY kind posts,prayers and emails. They mean more to me than I can tell you.


  1. Goodness your family has certainly been through so much. Sending many prayers for each one of you and especially John during this time.

    Sissy sure looks sweet in the pic!

  2. So sorry that John has not been home yet. You are both in my thoughts and prayers. The fence looks great and that little sissy is so cute! Hang in there Sherry. xxoo

  3. so sorry that life has been so hard. I will keep you both in my prayers.

  4. Keeping you both in my prayers.


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