Sunday, October 23, 2011

Ye Ladye Pumpkin

Back when I was a very little girl and my Mom was still alive,I remember the Soaps on TV that she watched. Way back then each Soapie was only on for 15 minutes. Then after I became a wife and mom,I watched the soaps. Sometimes I just listened if I was busy. But it came to be a special time for me. Kids napping,eating my lunch in peace and losing myself in the stories. They became my family!! My favorite has always been "As The World Turns". Everybody who knew me well,knew that ya don't call when it was on because that was Sherry's break time. Lunch and "As The World Turns". I STILL miss it.
Now I call my life, "As Sherry's World Turns". Everyday life is a real challenge. When friends call they get the next episode of "As Sherry's World Turns". Maybe whether they want to or not LOL!!!! Often I've thought about posting about it here,but I'm really not a negative person and I feel people want to go to blogs and see pictures and read funny or good things or learn things. Well maybe I can post a learning thing. Don't eat the unrecognizable frozen food that they give out at the Community Center!!! You can get VERY sick!!! That's what I learned LOL!!!!
I'm selling this rug pattern by Emma Lou Lais,drawn by Barb Carroll. It's JACK JACK & JACK. Thought it was time to let it go,cause I have so many patterns and even though I work constantly, it's all things to sell. This is a BIG rug, 24" X 36" and I'd never get my money back to hook it and sell it. So maybe someone out there can hook it and keep it. It's $38 + shipping. It costs a little more now on the website.
Ye Ladye Pumpkin is a needle punch pattern by my buddy Lori Brechlin of Notforgotten Farm. I adapted her to a hooked rug. She's 16" X 19" $160.00 + shipping.
Please just contact me if you're interested or have any ??'s
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  1. Sherry, I LOVE the Ye Layde Pumpkin rug! The colors are great. Hope you sell both the rug and pattern. Hugs, Lori

  2. oh what fun! you did a great job on Ye Ladye....the colors look great!

  3. Loving Ye Layde! And the Jacks. I hear you on the soap posts...sometimes it is tempting to just "tell all", but I am a firm believer in the if we post the good...more good will come! That's what I'm hoping for, anyway!

  4. Love the ye layde! When my husband and I worked second shift right after we were first married I would make us trays in the living room for lunch to watch all my children before work. Husband use to complain about watching that show. Then one day it was preempted for something and husband was all upset we couldn't watch it. He was hooked.Sill old shows. I know what you mean about postive. I have been have been a bit whiney of late just because I am scared. I think of you often.

  5. Ye Layde is a beautiful piece of artwork are an amazing artist. :)


  6. I am really impressed. Today I spent a lot of time searching for something interesting on this topic. Finally I found your site. Thanks for that!


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