Monday, October 31, 2011


Neutral Turkey has been SOLD thanks to Lori from Notforgotten Farm
              Scrappy Turkey has been sold Thank You Penny
Well here I sit, Halloween Nite,NO Tricks, No Treats. BUT I got to go to the grocery store yesterday and there IS a chocolate pie all defrosted in the fridge,so I guess there WILL be a treat for me!!! Would anyone like to join me,I'd love the company????
BTW I HIGHLY recommend Marie Callender's pies!!! Whenever I get to go to the grocery store that's my big treat. Yesterday I got 2!!!! They were on sale!!! So far my favorite is the banana cream pie,but then I haven't tried this chocolate one yet!!!
So here's what I've been workin' on,TURKEY RUGS. It's a design from an older Kindred Spirits pattern book. They actually made it as a purse.
One I hooked in a darker more scrappy look and the other in neutral colors of browns and creams.
I think I like the scrappy one best until I look at the neatral one,I don't know.
Which one do you like best????
They measure approx. 8" X 10". They're $72.00 each + shipping in a 1st class envelope. Hurry and grab your favorite,just contact me!!!
Thanks For Stopping By!!!!


  1. Darling turkey rugs my friend! I can't decide......the the the scrappy! Oh I just don't know I love them both I guess! Whoever gets them will be lucky indeed. Hugs, Lori

  2. Hi,I think I am making a similar turkey, Us Cheri's think alike

  3. Love your turkey rugs ~ they are very cute! Hope your pie was yummy!

  4. Hahaha oh my God that turkey is too cute!!!


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