Friday, November 11, 2011

A LOT to Blab I mean BLOG About

Getting these things all in the right order will be a minor miracle for me!!!!!
I have my newest hand dids for you today!!
A very primitive hooked tree mat / chairpad not just for Christmas for all the time. 11" round. Can decorate your house for $80 + shipping

This Penny Rug / Candle mat rug I hooked in traditional red and green wool. The red plaid that I used is vintage wool. I've hand sewn the same green wool on the back. It's 11" X 11". $82.00 + shipping

And here's another very primitive hooked round tree mat / chair pad for you. 11" round $80.00 + shipping
I have some news to share!!! Many of you have seen on my buddy, Lori Brechlin's blog that she's having a Christmas Open House at Notforgotten Farm on November 26th.the Saturday after Thanksgiving from 10:00 - 4:00. Well I'll be sending her some of my work to be for sale at the open house!!!
What will I send?? I don't know!!! Could be some of these primitive tree rugs shown here,could be Santas, could be Snowmen,could be dolls,could be pinkeeps and stitcheries,could be rugs..... I really don't know. I make whatever my heart leads me to make. Soooo that means you'll have to go to the open house to see!!! I told her today that I'd like to have myself crated up with my wheelchair and send myself!!!!

I'd like to thank all the people in Ohio who voted NO on issue 2. I could not believe all the lies that they were able to get away with trying to get people to vote yes. Why am I so concerned about issue 2?? Cause I'm the widow of a Fireman and could easily dispute the lies that they told the people of Ohio. We are SO NOT millionaires as they tried to get people to think. In fact I would show anybody my bank account. Since my income is open to public knowledge I will tell you what it is to prove that voting no was the right thing to do. As a Fireman's widow I net $513.99 pension per month. I actually get $734 gross but my insurance,that issue 2 proponents tried to tell you that we don't pay is what brings me down to my net income. Everyone who has heard what I'm getting is shocked. So thanks again if you voted NO,cause I might have lost more money. I must tell you that I have been fighting for what I am due because of John's death being cause for his being disabled from his job as a Fireman.

My flag flies proudly today for ALL veterans including my husband who was in the Air Force. And a HUGE HEARTFELT THANK YOU to ALL the men & women serving and protecting us today. I am SO PROUD to be an American!!!!!


  1. so glad you are able to keep the pension you deserve which is not enough for risking his life every day. congrats on putting you lovely things at not forgotten farm.
    take care sweet friend

  2. I am glad the outcome of the voting there was in your favor... it is sad that lies were told in order to get the results others wanted..... glad they didn't get away with it.....
    Your new hooked rugs are just lovely -- you do great work! Congrats on having your items at Lori's Christmas Open House!

  3. I adore your mats! They look so prim. I'm so glad the voting was in your favor. You deserve so many blessings!

  4. Sherry,
    I'm glad that the vote was good for you as you deserve so much for the honorable service of your husband.
    I'm so glad you are able to participate in Lori's open house with your beautiful rugs! I hope you sell lots and lots!
    Cathy G

  5. I would like to say this is an excellent blog that I have ever come across. Very informative. Please write more so that we can get more details.

  6. I'm sorry to hear how you've been treated. You deserve better. Police and firemen put their lives on the line every single day, weekend, and holiday. My two friends retired as teachers in their mid fifties and get over $5100 a month with fully paid benefits.


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