Thursday, February 24, 2011


HOOKED Farmhouse Eggs!!!!
ALL items pictured are on ebay plus more!! There's an ebay button over there on the right if you'd like to take a closer look!!!
I want to list bunches of primitive goodies that I have in anticipation of moving. It's just that it takes lots of time,which takes me away from working on more things to sell. Wish there were 3 of me and at least ONE of them be HEALTHY to get all the things done that I want to do!!!
Yesterday I worked on enlarging a needle punch pattern that I want to hook. Took 2 X's to get it to a size that I think will work for hooking. It needs to be put on red dot and then on my backing fabric,and then get hooking. It's going to be a black chalkware style rabbit.
BUT what did I do instead???!!!???
I put a rug on my floor frame that I bought about a year ago that's supposed to be for me. Well once I had it on the frame I knew exactly the colors that I wanted to hook the HUGE tulip in. It's about the size of a small rug,that's just the tulip part of it!!! This rug is from Wooly Woolens and is 42 1/2" X 32 1/2" BIG!!!! The idea was to work on it a little bit at a time. DID I do that!!!???!!! OF COURSE NOT!! Couldn't help myself,I hooked on it all day till a point that I was very tired and needed to get to bed,but proceeded to hook a little more.Now since it's sitting right here next to me,I want to pull it over to me and start hookin' again. Somebody STOP me I'm supposed to be working on things to sell,NOT this huge rug!!!!
Oh what will she do??????

Monday, February 14, 2011

The ol Hare hopped Off The Frame!!!!

Got him finished yesterday!!! I like the brown wool roving for his tail much better than the off white. Not so sure that I'll be in a hurry to do the beading technique again though!!!
So he's listed on ebay now. I also listed my OLD HEN rug that's based on a needle punch pattern by my buddy Marte of boggy*creek*primitives.
Nuttin's on the frame right now cause I was so busy finishing the rug,getting things listed,and I had to sew the backing on a chair pad so I can get it mailed out today. Late nite again!!! But I did take a lay down break in the afternoon. I did cut some wool last nite for a rabbit rug that I designed years ago for the stores. And then I looked at the clock and thought,are you crazy,it's late,just turn off the Ott light,eat your cheese and wheat thins and GO TO BED!!!!!
Well time to draw somethin' up and get busy!!!
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Saturday, February 12, 2011


Well this is what's on the frame now. It's a needle punch pattern by Wendy of Pineberry Lane that I adapted,with Wendy's kind permission,to be a rug.
I'm trying to hook it in a way that doesn't scream Spring,but a primitive rug to be kept out year round. I'm also trying a beading technique around the edge,that I'll say is a bit of a challenge. Ya sure can't do speed hooking on it!!!!
Now here's what I'd like to have your opinions on. Yesterday I hooked his tail with an off white wool roving and today I'm thinkin' that I think it looks too bright that's with the other colors. Yup,thinkin' more about that tail needs to come OUT!!! I'm gonna see if I have any dark brown roving.When I did shows I used to use the brown for my doll's hair a lot,so maybe I still have some!!!! OK then I think that's settled LOL!!!! But I STILL welcome your opinions!!!!!
Since I sold that other chair pad,I hooked another one that's listed on ebay right now iffin' you'd like to take a closer look!!!!
THANKS For Stopping By!!!!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I actually finished it last week on Wed. nite!!!
I didn't feel up to steaming it on Thursday sooo I drew up a chair pad and started hookin'!!!! The chair pad got sold pretty much as soon as I finished it.
FINALLY on Saturday I decided that I HAD to get the rug steamed and listed on ebay.
SOooooo I put the biggest Olfa cutting board they make on the floor,there was no way I could use the ironing board cause the rug's too big. Anyhoo I have this cutting board since they 1st came out with them and it's already warped,so the heat wouldn't hurt it. I put a thick towel on it,plugged in the iron with an extension cord,wet a towel to cover the rug. THEN it was, just how in the hell do I get down on the floor???? Hire the handicapped they're fun to watch LOL!!!! With much difficulty I finally got on the floor and with more difficulty couldn't quite find a way to be half ways comfortable. Then I needed a kleenex,with MORE difficulty I tried to get up!!!! Well my right leg,which is the worst one,didn't want to work!!! I SURE wasn't going to get down on the floor again!!! THEN the light bulb lit up!!!! FINALLY!!! Put the whole thing on the peninsula part,DUH!!!! I've done that before,don't know why I didn't do it this time,brain fart I guess!!!
So I've gotten my rugs bound and got my Xstitch sampler framed and last nite drew up another chair pad like the one pictured here,that I sold. Also got the X stitch sampler and an antique printers draw listed on ebay.
Everything pictured is on ebay except for the chair pad,if you'd like to take a closer look.
Bunches of Thank You's for stopping by!!!!
Hookin' Time!!!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

STILL on the Frame!!!

I had hooked this primitive star hanger BEFORE I started the special order heart rug and the heart 'n hand rug. So I thought it was time to take a break from hooking and get this star sewn. I stuffed it lightly with wool snippets and put a hanger on it with a rusty pin. It's on ebay right now if you like to take a look. Just click on the ebay gadget over there on the right and it will take you to my auctions.
This is a progress picture from my last post,what's on the frame. Well as you can see it's STILL on the frame!!!!! I hook and I hook everyday,mostly all day and go to bed late. OY do I ever NEED a massage on my neck and shoulders!!!! I have degenerated discs in my neck from 2 whiplashes. You'd think my 3 a day percocet might help,but no!!! Well I've always said,we must suffer for our art,LOL!!!!
Thanks Bunches for stopping by!!!!
Back to hooking!!!!