Friday, April 22, 2011


We got the house We got the House!!!!! Doin' the HAPPY DANCE here,we'll from my chair LOL!!!!!! The owner,Bud and his accountant are THE nicest guys!!! In fact Bud seemed surprised that we didn't know that he had already accepted our offer.
He said to me,When do you want to move in??? I said TODAY and he said OK!!! He started saying,give her the key,but the Realtor came in at the end and said no they don't do things that way,we have to wait till the date on the paper to get the key. Bud's the boss,but he hired the Realtor to sell his houses. So Bud told me,that's OK his assistant is there everyday,she'll let you in when ever you want. Bud also told his people to give me whatever I want!!!! AND he is!!!! So they'll be working on all the extras I want next week!!!!!
Bud also made me The Mayor of Northborough!!!!! I'm making John my Safety service Director. He'll have to make sure people follow the rules,like not letting their garbage cans sit out. They don't have any rules yet about storm doors and I want one so Bud said that whatever I want will be the standard for all the other houses.
So not only am I The Queen, I am now The Mayor of Northborough LOL!!!!!!!!! SO COOL!!! This is going to be VERY hard to pack up and move,John and I are only good on our feet for about 4 minutes LOL!!!! I think we're going to have movers move all the big stuff on May 2nd and then work on the other stuff with the kids and get a sale set up too!!!
It's been several years of a long hard path that's finally led to HOME!!!!
Thank You ALL so much for all your prayers and well wishes!!!!

Also here's some new "Stuff" that I made this week and listed on ebay.

Sunday, April 17, 2011


Fi nally got the other Mr. Fritz finished!! He's been on the waiting list for awhile,but now he's done in all his glory and listed on ebay!!!
The rug,hooked from one of Robin's,(Bird in the Hand Primitives)wonderful doodle E-pattern booklets,that you may have seen,since she so kindly showed both of my rugs on her blog.
THE HOUSE: Turns out that we have one more hoop to jump through. The investor (owner) of the development and his accountant want to meet us in person. The owner may or may not be there,because he winters in Florida.We call them Snow Birds here.
Anyhoo we have to wait till Tuesday,because the accountant is very busy since taxes are due Monday. Last Tuesday I did 2 hours of negotiating for the things I wanted on the owner's offer to us. Everything that I wanted was changed on the original papers,including an extra $900 that had been added to the purchase price. That's where I started because I had 2 papers of proof. I may not understand perfectly all the fancy legal words and the where as's and where fors,but I'm a pretty good talker and negotiator. I swear if they took out all the legal fancy words babble these 16 pages of the contract could probably be brought down to 4 or 5 pages. So Wed. we had to go back to the realtor's office to sign the corrected papers in front of a Notary. Then John got the bank check for our down payment and the Realtor came and picked it up. I didn't think we here anything Thursday,because the Realtors,a husband and wife team,take Thursday off. So when I got up Friday morning my heart was just pounding,NOT good for me!!!! So he called in the morning and said that they've "basically" accepted the offer but they want to have this meeting. He said,think of it as a job interview. Oh JOY!!!! I said,can we start packing?? He said,well I didn't say that. LOL He NEVER gives me an inch!!!! But in the papers the owner had put down that we would take possession May 1st. That's pretty close!!!!
This house was supposed to be mine almost 6 years ago and it's been standing there empty,since it was built waiting for me. The reason there's been so much hoop jumping to get it is because it's a land contract due to our bankruptcy we have to wait 2 years to get a mortgage,which will be this Fall.The last several years have been a tough road to hoe as you may have read on my previous older posts. BUT I've never lost my optimism and never will. This house will finally be a life for us!!!!
So wish us luck and prayers would be most appreciated!!!!!!
Thanks for stopping by and you know I'll let you all know as soon as I know!!!!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

"Little Red Pony"

Soon as I saw this free doodle from Robin of Bird In The Hand Primitives,I could hardly wait to adapt it to a hooked rug. Thank You Robin!!!
I had another rug to finish 1st before I could get to this one.
I wish wool colors would show up better in my pictures. I used a really drab brown on the background that has very thin lines of navy and it just doesn't show up as olde looking as it does in person.
I was happy with it when I took it off the frame. I think it looks really primitive and antiquey. I had to name it "Little Red Pony" rug.
I had also bought Robin's little doodle pattern booklet and I've adapted one of those doodles too,that I'm hooking now.
I have listed "Little Red Pony" on ebay.
Thanks for stopping by!!!!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

"Peter & Peep"

Good Sunday Morning Everyone!!!
I just finished hooking this rug yesterday. Got it steamed and listed on ebay.
It's a needle punch pattern by Brenda Gervais of With thy Needle & Thread,that I adapted to hook and add some Sherry touches to it.
After I listed the rug on ebay,I couldn't decide what to work on. God knows there's a ton of stuff here that needs finishing!!! It's easiest for me to sit in my chair with my legs up,so I decided to pull the floor frame over to my chair and work on my BIG rug till bedtime. In fact, once I post this I think I'll work on it a little more. Not time for another picture yet though!!!
Thanks for stopping by and please come back soon!!!!

Friday, April 1, 2011


Good Morning!!!
Anybody out there a fan of Army Wives on Lifetime???
I've been a fan since it started,I think it's 3 years now.
So anyhoo Sunday nite when it came on,I was working as usual hooking a rug. In the beginning of the show it was makin' me do a little sniffeling,but I could still keep hooking. Well it wasn't long before I was just plain sobbing!!! Going through kleenex after kleenex!!! The Cornell's the one that got me. He's so tough and stoic that he barely even cracks a smile,but when he started crying,I really lost it. Ya just can't hook and sob your eyes out at the same time!!! If you haven't seen the show it's on Sunday nites at 9. It's a very good show and very well written.
Yup you have seen this rug before. Well not this one cause this is my 2nd one I've hooked. One of my very good customers had seen the 1st one I designed on my blog,and asked if she could order one. I'm so excited for her to have it because I used the same wools that I used on many of the pieces that she already has from me. It'll be on it's way to her next week.
Now for Mr. Fritz!!! I've been making him for years. He's from an out of print Konfetti's pattern,but done my way. When I did the 1st one for some reason I just thought he looked like he should be called Mr. Fritz. I've hooked many and all of them different,but he's always still Mr. Fritz. As for the flower he's holding,I've also been hooking these for years. When my sister died,that's all I did for quite awhile,sit and hook these flowers. I've used them in many ways,but for Mr. Fritz I always make them into a pin,that he's more than happy to share with you if you'd like to wear it. He's listed on ebay right now. I have another waiting to be sewn,but I'm also hooking another rug. And nope I haven't worked on my big rug lately. Just been working on things to sell!!!
Thanks for stopping by!!
Till next time, YEAH!!!! YIPPEE!!!! COOL!!!!! GREAT DAY!!!! I just got an email from Robin that I WON the subscription for the new magazine:Quilts and Projects!!!! My Hungarian ESP had a feeling that I was gonna win and I DID!!!!!! A BIG BIGGER BIGGEST Thank You to Robin!!!!!!