Wednesday, August 22, 2012


So on August 4th (my B-Day) at 6 a.m. Sissy & I were awoken by a loud bang. We both sat up in bed and looked over to the closet,saw stuff on the floor and went back to sleep. I really didn't want to look closer, but when I finally did try to look later I really couldn't get IN the closet cause of all the stuff on the floor,I saw that the whole end of the metal rack had come down. Nothing that I could really do about it since I couldn't lift all the stuff. This past Saturday I was in my wool closet,which is another smaller walk-in just before you enter my bedroom,picking out some wool for a rug when I heard another loud noise. I turned around and looked from where I was and could see that the other end of the at least 12 foot long wire rack had come down too. All my clothes were on the floor BEHIND the 1st collapse!!! Nothing I could do. Yesterday one of my childhood friends,whose been helping me for things like getting food and driving my butt to doctors,came over to work on it. She unloaded the "stuff" from the closet. That's what the last 2 pictures are,where the "stuff" is piled up now. We kept trying to fix the rack,but a couple of the braces are bent & a lot of the screwed in parts have pulled out of the dry wall. Neither of us are adept at fixing something like this. Apparently I had WAY too much stuff on that shelf. Just my books alone I guess were way too heavy. Guess I'm gonna try to start selling a lot of them. They're mostly decorating books,like the Time Life Series. And yes those are DMC floss boxes from when I had my X stitch & needlepoint store back in the early 80's. They cost a fortune back then,but you had to buy them to sell the floss cause that's how DMC was displayed in stores way back then. Now I just have the divided drawers filled with pieces & parts of little stuff to use in my work. Ya know, all that stuff was on that shelf since May 2011 when we had moved in here,so it took all this time for it to break. Don't really know what I'm gonna do now about this problem,but these books just can't stay on the fireplace hearth like this. Since John died I have had constant things like this happen and my gal pals aren't any better than I am at fixing these kinds of things. I've had curtain poles & curtains to go on them sitting here for almost a year. I just don't have any male help for all the things that need doing around here. So my solution: get back to work on my hooking & punching,that I can do!!!! Sherry.....OUT


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