Thursday, August 16, 2012


I've been punching,punching & more punching!!! All my own designs that I do the same way that I do my original hooked designs. I put the fabric on the frame and then just freehand it. I did design a witch NP that I drew on paper first. There's just one problem with all this punching I've been doing and that is to STOP the punching and do the finishing work. So as a result I have MANY pieces that are all punched but the finishing work isn't done!!!! Well at least I did get these 3 pieces done for the update. SO there's much more original things to come. That is if I can let my punch needles cool down a little bit, LOL prolly NOT!!!! Hope you like my newest designs and that you'll run run run over to PHM for the Friday update of some of the bestest artists that I have the pleasure of being associated with on PRHM!!!! Just click the banner over there on the right!!! Sherry....OUT


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