Monday, January 28, 2013


I know that a lot of people dread Mondays. It's always been that way, cuz for most people it means back to the work week and things tend to happen on Monday. Mostly because they're dreading going back to the grind after being off for 2 days. Most people get over it,usually by Wed. For me there's no Monday to dread because I work 7 days a week and seldom get out unless I have a Dr.'s appt.

Well for me this Monday started out bad. Even though I don't go out to work, nobody wants to start the week with bad stuff,including me!!!

So it was the wee hours of this morning,don't know what time,I did look at the clock but can't remember what it said. Whatever time it was,it was still dark out and I had no intention of getting up for the day,but I did have to pee. No biggie,I have a neurogenic bladder,like a lot of MS people do so I get up often for bathroom trips. BUT today was different!!!! I've come very close tons of times and made it,this time I didn't, I fell. Twisted my right knee. Now there's an unwritten rule,that whatever is hurt or damaged on your  body, that's the part that you always hurt again. Like the majority of people do,I have 2 knees, 1 bad & the other worse. The worse is my right one,which many years ago they operated on to remove a torn meniscus,that's the part that cushions your knee,so it stands to reason that the right knee would be the one that twisted when I fell. Right??? I also hit my arm on the nite stand. My right one. I right handed. No problem though it's ok. Now my left foot,well that's awhole other story. My toe,the one next big one that went to market, got bent backwards. Now that hurts. I do believe it's broken. Which once again follows that unwritten rule,because this toe is on the left foot that gotten broken 3 weeks after John died and still has the purplish mark on it,just below the said injured toe. The ortho Dr. had told me that this break would never totally heal because of my MS. Well he was right,it hasn't. After the fall, I peed & went back to bed.

My routine when I get up in the morning is to go hit the button on the coffee pot so it gets started brewing while I go pee,yes again and then go back & pour a cup of coffee,I have pause & pour. Well it was makin' all kinds of spurting noises & there was no coffee to pause & pour!!! Apparently for some reason I had not prepared the coffee like I ALWAYS do the nite before.
Maybe it's because my Monday actually started Sunday nite when I decided to broil a couple of shrimp cakes to eat. When I went to turn them over I guess I just didn't pull the rack out far enough and my right index finger now has the brand of the red hot broiler coil on it!!!!! Maybe that's why i forgot to make the coffee!!!

As far as the broken toe goes,there's really not much you can do about that. I'll just have to stay hurtin',swollin' & purple till it decides not to be,which in my case could be awhile.

So in closing I do hope that your Monday started better than mine and stay tuned in & maybe I'll tell you what happened last Monday!!

Broken Toed Sherry.....OUT


  1. well, that's what ya get for having to pee.
    next time, bring a potty into the bed with ya like they used to do. but, knowing you, you'll spill it. you're a mess, a pretty mess nonetheless and we love you anyway.
    I'll call you later this evening after I get some work done around here. in the meantime, keep that toe on ice and get a pair of Depends!
    (love you my Hungarian Sisterfriend)
    p.s. you NEED to start writing that book! LOL

  2. Oh dear.... those broken toes sure do hurt! I broke one while shaving my legs.... don't ask about that one. :/
    Be careful the rest of the day! Hope you don't have too many aches and pains from your fall...
    I'm not sure if I got in touch to tell you how much I love the valentine heart I purchased from you (can't remember from one minute to the next what I do!)! But it is lovely and is hanging on my peg rack in the foyer....

  3. Oh my poor friend !! Well, look at it this way...You've probably filled your "quota" for the month for boo-boos you are set for awhile ....well, 3
    Hope your day goes better, and be creative( as I know you are all the time)..

  4. YOu poor thing.. Sending you a hug.. Hope The rest of your Day and Week gets better..

  5. Oh My, Thank you Ladies!!!! Since being alone seldom does anything good happen to me. So I appreciate any little thing that's good. I've always been that way,but now even more so. Now when something good happens,I call it my JOY today. So Dear Friends your caring comments are My Joy for today even though my damn toe & burnt finger hurt LOL!!!!

  6. OMG I share my body with lupus that effects my CNS. So all that you just wrote about I have done myself. Only it is my left side and I am left handed. My grand kids use to call me peacock lady. I fell so much and was buried the color of peacock feathers.
    sending healing energy your way.

  7. oh you poor thing:( I am sending healing prayers your way

  8. Sherry ~
    Sorry to hear about your god-awful Monday. Here's hoping Tuesday is much better.
    Healing hugs :)

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