Friday, January 18, 2013


OK I would really really like to put some pictures here of the new items that I've made for the PRIMITIVE HANDMADES MERCANTILE update, BUT once again blogger has a better idea {or so they think}and I CANNOT do it!!! I don't have any of the choices they gave for adding pictures!!!! Apparently they want you to join Google Picasso {I think it's called}and I don't want to cuz I know nuttin' about it.
It's also frustrating because, I punched Lori's Notforgotten Farm, Tulip Heart and it turned out so neat and the pictures that I took last nite after I finished it and updated it on my page,just don't capture the way it really looks. So I took more pics in the daylight this a.m. and even though they STILL don't show how neat it is in person,they're better than the other ones. I wanted to show them here,but now I have no clue how to show ANYTHING here. W'SUP BLOGGER????????
Anyway I hope you'll click on the link for PRIMITIVE HANDMADES MERCANTILE over there on your right to see all the goodies offered by the artists. Also it's our 1st anniversary so there's all kinds of prizes to be won!!!!



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  1. use google chrome it will help. I am looking forward to seeing your new pieces.


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