Friday, February 8, 2013


Well Thank You Blogger!!!! I was almost finished and I had written all this interesting stuff & THEN blogger made everything disappear and I'm not gonna do all that one finger typing again!!!! So all my words of wisdom are out floating in space somewhere!!!
So I'll just tell ya about my newest design. Often I just put the backing on my frame, pick up my Sharpie & start drawing. I dreww the heart first & hooked it with many different reds as I thought about what else i was going to add. I knew I wanted it to be a sampler type rug. I decided, drew & hooked as I went along. I'm really disappointed that the center block wool around the heart looks so white cause it's definately NOT white. It's beige with very thin green stripes or a VERY dirty white. I think the contrast from the red heart & the brown is what's making it look so white in the pictures. If anyone would like I could send a picture of the wool I used around the heart so you could maybe see what it really looks like. 

My Hooked Sampler Rug is approx. 14" X 15". $145 with FREE Shipping
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  1. Cute rug my friend. Hope some lucky person scoops it up!
    Hugs, Lori

  2. Sherry!
    LOVE your latest design! Very gorgeous piece of folk art! Colors are wonderful! I hate it when the colors don't show up in my photos like they really are. Wool just doesn't photograph easily I guess! Fantastic job my lady!
    Cathy G

  3. I love it !! The last photo shows the wool darker, probably more " true to life" huh ?...I could never just start drawing on linen with a marker...I make WAY too many mistakes and get things all lopsided....I usually have to re-draw a simple circle at least 3 or 4 times before it's actually ...Your creativity took you to a good place, and I LOVE the colors also....
    Here's hoping for a fast sell !!

  4. beauteous as usual my talented klutz-y friend!!!!
    still waiting for that phonecall? (i know....)

  5. Sweet Rug..I really need to get my rug hooking back out.. I have soo many things to do.. I am stuck on punch needle right now.. BUt I do have a half finished rug calling my name! Wondeful Job! Love YOur work!


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