Friday, March 1, 2013


So here's another Candle mat/rug that I still would call hit or miss, but a more structured hit or miss.

I've only used 4 colors for this one but mixed them up as I hooked. It's more neutral looking.

The 4 wools that I used are all textured and kinda "dirty white"

This one measures 9" X 9" with still endless ways to display it.
If you need to display it in your house, you can for $59.00 with shipping included.
I have another one finished that has the antiquey looking black background, but it's still on the frame because there was a little more room left to hook something else and I don't waste nuttin'!!!
That other piece isn't finished yet though,because I really didn't work on it till last nite. That's unusual for me cause I work on my things to sell 7days a week. I have to. But I've had a bit of a problem the last couple days. My friend Marcia was going to Florida,so she picked up 2 of my perscriptions before she left. They were my vitamin D & Cymbalta. Well I freaked when she told me that they cost $40.00 this time!!!  I was charged 3 X's the amount for the Cymbalta that I had been paying!!! I called the drugstore thinking that they didn't send it to my inurance,cause I'm already paying well over $60 a month that Police & Fire Pension Board is deducting. The lady at the drugstore said no it was paid because Cymbalta costs almost $400 a month. That's just WRONG!!! There's no reason that the drug company should be able to get away with charging that much!!! So I thought, well that's it,I can't be paying that much every month along with all my other drugs,I have to get off it. So a week ago today I called my Dr.'s office & told the nurse that I couldn't afford it and that I needed to ween off of it and how do I do it. She called back this past Monday and said that the Dr. said to take 1 a day instead of 2 and see how I felt in 3 weeks. Well I didn't make it!!! 3 weeks??? I was goin' downhill as fast as an Olympic skier & it wasn't pretty. Marcia kept saying please take your pill I'll pay the extra $20 a month,oh no she won't,BUT I do have a lot of common sense,apparently more than my Dr. so I took my full dose. I'm better today,just a little more tired than usual. The consensus with everybody is that I need to find a new Dr. This isn't the 1st time she's messed me up in theshort 1 1/2 years since I started going to her. I've been there 3 x's & she's never touched me. Never listened to my heart,lungs,checked my stomach,not even so much as shake my hand. Oh well might as well eat worms!!!!
Thanks For Stopping By!!!


  1. First your candle matt is very nice and unique. I like it very much.
    As for the low life who left you the nasty comment and not their identity should find something better to do. A coward for not leaving their name.

  2. Dear Mr. or Ms. Anonymous,
    EVERYBODY in blog land knows why people like you choose to go by "Anonymous",it's because you don't have the guts to use your "REAL" name since you seem to get your "cookies" by posting mean things on blogs. I could delete your post,but I'm all about pleasing & making people happy and if this is what makes you happy,so be it.
    BTW Anonymous you couldn't last a day in my shoes!!!!! Have a REALLY Happy Day!!!!

    Thank You Nicole for your very kind words,I appreciate them!!!!

  3. Sherry I can't believe the audacity of some people!
    Anonymous could just as easily have read your post and kept her comment to herself.
    That was uncalled for and just down right mean!

    Love your hooked mat Sherry!

    Hugs, Audrey

    It's OK,like I said in my post if this makes this "person" happy then I'll just leave it for all to see LOL!!!!

  5. Sad someone would b so hateful... not everyones world is rainbows & Butterlies.. we all have problems.. and things going on .. it is nice 2 b able to vent.. love your rugs .. You are an inspiration.. you do more in one day then I get 2 all week ♥.. things will get better.. Michelle

  6. Sherry I can feel your pain (literally and figuratively). Since the hubs lost his job we no longer have insurance and my one medicine is over $700 per month. Thankfully I was able to find several "discount" companies that offer cards that you register for and then give to the pharmacist...Most of my meds ended up being less than $15.00 per month...Email me if you want more info and I will send you what I found. I am in Pa and the one I end up using most is a PA company but there were several....Please dont stop taking your Cymbalta...I know from experience how well it works...Got me over the hump when our daughter walked out of our lives after I got sick...You are in my thoughts and prayers.


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