Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Brown Eyed Susans WINDOSILL RUG

So my youngest turned 40 today. That's just not right when in my mind I'm like 29!!! I did inform her though that if we're ever out in public together,I will be calling her Mom.
No snow here,sunshine though. We didn't get hit like they thought earlier in the week. I was hoping that we would!!! OK I hear all the growns & see all the eyes rolling & I'm ducking from things being thrown!!! But here's the thing,I think snow is beautiful. It's so beautiful at nite when it's quitely snowing & everything just glows & sparkles. OK I'll stop,since I know everybody's anxious for Spring!!!

Here's my newest windowsill rug design, brown eyed Susans. Just finished last nite & steamed today. I guess it's been almosta year ago that I designed the 1 st windowsillrug and I'm so thankful how well they've been received & sold. Each one has been different. Some like this one are a bit more difficult & take a little longer to hook,like this one. Mainly because when I use a motif in the design I have to fit it in a narrower space so that it doesn't end up too wide. So I have to use skinny worms and I like using fat worms bestest. But I want these rugs to be able to fit on a windowsill,a toilet tank,an olde cupboard shelf,a bench,etc.,etc.

Brown Eyed Susans windowsill rug is approx. 4 3/4" X 16"
$85.00 + Shipping    SOLD
Thanks For Visiting I sure do appreciate it!!!!!


  1. Really cute Sherry! Love the flowers. Best wishes for a sale. I know your work and it's top quality. Someone will be thrilled to own this rug. Hugs, Lori

  2. Oh Sherry! this little rug is beautiful ~
    love your flower design and the wool colors you used...can you make me some of these for my shop? call me tomorrow!!

  3. I love Black eyed susans ...when we moved in our home here, the folks that used to own it, besides being hoarders, had a small garden center business out of the home...they had a greenhouse, and there were planters everywhere and different varieties of black eyed susans...I only thought there was one to say....I'm a happy camper...Love those little beauties...
    Long story short...short story long....Love your rug !!! :)

  4. love your brown eyed susans!...where does time go...that's a good idea, when my daughter turns 40 I'll call her mom in public! the idea..

  5. I'm with you Sherry - I LOVE the snow and I'm not ready for spring and especially not looking forward to summer - sigh! Your little flower rug is just darling - must've hooked it in a narrow cut?


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