Sunday, March 24, 2013


is gone.

Early Friday morning I held her in my arms wrapped in John's favorite sweater while the Vet put her to sleep. She was my whole life. She's all I had. From the nite John died and she tried to tell me she's been glued to me and I've been glued to her. I never even pee'd without her right there with me while we talked or I'd tickle her,she liked that. We took our afternoon nap together and she slept with me every nite. She even went to 2 craft shows last Fall. Marcia took us to the Simple Goods show and Lauren,Rugs and Pugs took us to the Spirit of Friends show. Lori Rippey had sent me Zoe's puppy pouch that you wear on your chest,since Zoe had quickly outgrown it. For Sissy even a puppy pouch was a little too big but she'd keep her little head out and enjoyed the shows. Even though I was in my wheelchair I couldn't get around to look too well cause EVERYBODY wanted to see Sissy.
She was my whole life and now I'm totally alone. Tiny as she was she filled this house and now it just feals so empty just as I do.

Friday, March 15, 2013


SPRING might  be on the calender that it's comin' in a few days, BUT I live in Ohio and some of our BIGGEST snow storms have been in the Spring!!! That's fine with me!!!

So I thought that next Friday would be the 3rd Friday which is update day for PHM. Well obviously I was wrong!!! I get my Social Security on the 3rd Wed. of the month and It's felt like it's SOOO far away mostly cause I'm anxious since I'm broke. So I thought the 3rd Friday was after my 3rd Wed. WRONG!! No problem though since I had just finished hooking these pieces,I just had to steam them and sew a wool backing on "SPRING" and stuff it with wool to make it into a shelf pillow.  SOLD

Red's my favorite color so I'm really lovin' how this Tulip Hit or Miss rug came out!!!
Great size for display too!!

There's a lot of  GREAT stuff listed by the PHM Artists!!!
I hope you'll click on the PRIMITIVE HANDMADES MERCANTILE banner over there on your right to take a look.
I have a fairly large hit or miss style rug on my frame right now and I'm really enjoying workin' on it. It's based on a Maggie Bonanomi design from her book, "Comfort Zone".
OK back to work for me and I thank You for stopping by!!!

Saturday, March 9, 2013


So if you know my work,you know that hit or miss is my favorite hooking style to do.

I'm always coming up with new ways to do it.

Really it's because I have a bazillion wool worms and have an absolutely unattainable goal to use them ALL UP LOL!!!!

At 7" X 9 1/2" there's so many ways & places in your home that you can find to display this Tulip Hit or Miss rug!!!
$62.00 includes shipping
Here's another Hit or Miss Penny candle mat/rug with a different configuration to it than the last one. If you scroll down farther you'll see the last one.
$57 includes shipping



So I'm working a way ,as usual, wishing that there would be something to watch on TV, well at least something good. This rerun thing is gettin' really old!!! Get back to work people!!!!
BTW what I'm working on is another Tulip Hit or Miss rug. This tulip is red & the hit or miss background will be darks.
Thanks for stopping by & come back soon!!!
Here's hoping that you have something good to watch on TV!!!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Brown Eyed Susans WINDOSILL RUG

So my youngest turned 40 today. That's just not right when in my mind I'm like 29!!! I did inform her though that if we're ever out in public together,I will be calling her Mom.
No snow here,sunshine though. We didn't get hit like they thought earlier in the week. I was hoping that we would!!! OK I hear all the growns & see all the eyes rolling & I'm ducking from things being thrown!!! But here's the thing,I think snow is beautiful. It's so beautiful at nite when it's quitely snowing & everything just glows & sparkles. OK I'll stop,since I know everybody's anxious for Spring!!!

Here's my newest windowsill rug design, brown eyed Susans. Just finished last nite & steamed today. I guess it's been almosta year ago that I designed the 1 st windowsillrug and I'm so thankful how well they've been received & sold. Each one has been different. Some like this one are a bit more difficult & take a little longer to hook,like this one. Mainly because when I use a motif in the design I have to fit it in a narrower space so that it doesn't end up too wide. So I have to use skinny worms and I like using fat worms bestest. But I want these rugs to be able to fit on a windowsill,a toilet tank,an olde cupboard shelf,a bench,etc.,etc.

Brown Eyed Susans windowsill rug is approx. 4 3/4" X 16"
$85.00 + Shipping    SOLD
Thanks For Visiting I sure do appreciate it!!!!!

Friday, March 1, 2013


So here's another Candle mat/rug that I still would call hit or miss, but a more structured hit or miss.

I've only used 4 colors for this one but mixed them up as I hooked. It's more neutral looking.

The 4 wools that I used are all textured and kinda "dirty white"

This one measures 9" X 9" with still endless ways to display it.
If you need to display it in your house, you can for $59.00 with shipping included.
I have another one finished that has the antiquey looking black background, but it's still on the frame because there was a little more room left to hook something else and I don't waste nuttin'!!!
That other piece isn't finished yet though,because I really didn't work on it till last nite. That's unusual for me cause I work on my things to sell 7days a week. I have to. But I've had a bit of a problem the last couple days. My friend Marcia was going to Florida,so she picked up 2 of my perscriptions before she left. They were my vitamin D & Cymbalta. Well I freaked when she told me that they cost $40.00 this time!!!  I was charged 3 X's the amount for the Cymbalta that I had been paying!!! I called the drugstore thinking that they didn't send it to my inurance,cause I'm already paying well over $60 a month that Police & Fire Pension Board is deducting. The lady at the drugstore said no it was paid because Cymbalta costs almost $400 a month. That's just WRONG!!! There's no reason that the drug company should be able to get away with charging that much!!! So I thought, well that's it,I can't be paying that much every month along with all my other drugs,I have to get off it. So a week ago today I called my Dr.'s office & told the nurse that I couldn't afford it and that I needed to ween off of it and how do I do it. She called back this past Monday and said that the Dr. said to take 1 a day instead of 2 and see how I felt in 3 weeks. Well I didn't make it!!! 3 weeks??? I was goin' downhill as fast as an Olympic skier & it wasn't pretty. Marcia kept saying please take your pill I'll pay the extra $20 a month,oh no she won't,BUT I do have a lot of common sense,apparently more than my Dr. so I took my full dose. I'm better today,just a little more tired than usual. The consensus with everybody is that I need to find a new Dr. This isn't the 1st time she's messed me up in theshort 1 1/2 years since I started going to her. I've been there 3 x's & she's never touched me. Never listened to my heart,lungs,checked my stomach,not even so much as shake my hand. Oh well might as well eat worms!!!!
Thanks For Stopping By!!!