Saturday, May 10, 2014


This is my newest original hooked rug. This Blue Bird sure does look very primitive and folk arty!!
It's approx. 9 1/2" X 9 1/2"
Great rug to hang or set on an old chair or stool.
$49.00 + $3.50

I think this would be a very cool pillow too!!
I'd be happy to make it into a wool stuffed pillow for you if you'd like for $7.00 extra.
The shipping would be a little more because of the weight of a pillow.

So things weren't going very well with the realtor I had,so I guess I'm going to try to sell the house myself. My friend brought over some For Sale signs that she bought at Drug Mart for me yesterday. I don't really want to do this because it's been taking a real toll on me physically,but I just want to finally feel some peace in my life and that won't happen here. I feel like I just want to sell everything I own. I'm trying to fix things up around here for showing the house, but I also need to be working on things to sell. Not to mention the fact that this old broad doesn't have an over abundance of energy to be up and around cleaning and sorting stuff. Using my electric wheelchair is TOTALLY imposible so it's VERY slow going. I'm trying to find somebody to arrange a huge garage sale. I just don't know what I'm going to do if I don't get this house sold.
Well my little Meshe became a woman!!! All I can say is that I hope I'll be able to get her fixed before she comes in heat again!!!!


  1. Your little bird is darling I hope you sell her really fast. Selling a house yourself is very hard to get the word out you can use craigs list maybe I do wish you luck and please be very careful of the people you let in to show the house. Wishing you a speedy sale.

  2. Thank You Cathy!!!
    I've sold our houses before. Always the same story,they start out promising everything then they lose interest. I renewed with her once,that was enough. She never showed it,I did. Yup won't lie I am a little scared being alone now. Houses are selling but I'm very limited with buyers because this is a 55 & over neighborhood. Thanks for wishing a speedy sale And maybe a little prayer??

  3. It's sad about what happened with your realtor. Sometimes, you really have to do things on your own to make it work. Since you're able to sell your houses before, perhaps you can do it again this time. The tough part is getting enough people to see it. You can use listing websites if you still don't want to use the services of a realtor, or consult with close friends who also have experience in that field. Good luck!

    Brian Quarnstrom @ Golden Group Real Estate

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