Saturday, May 17, 2014


I love this Red Bird!!! It's another of my original free hand drawn designs. A very primitive folk art that I decided to hook with a touch of Americana look. The navy background is from a vintage wool jacket. What a mess to cut those up!!! I made this one into a pillow with a really neat wool hand sewn on the back and completely stuffed with wool snippets. The size is 8 1/2 X 10 which really looks great on an olde chair or even on a shelf.

It's for sale on Primitive Handmades Mercantile which you can get to by clicking on the banner over there on your left or by contacting me

I hooked this rug by adapting  a needle punch pattern,"Early Bird" by Lori Brechlin of Notforgotten Farm which she sells in her Etsy shop.
It's approx. 13 1/2" X 16 1/2".

It's also available on PHM or by contacting me .
I had quite a shock last Sunday evening. I had received a very nice certificate from the government acknowledging John's service in the Air Force. I made copies on parchment paper and gave them to my kids. I told them that I didn't know for sure,but I thought that it meant that John's stone that he had been entitled to for serving in the Air Force had been finally laid on his grave. I say finally because I've been waiting for it for a year. A couple of months ago I started making some phone calls to see what had happened to it. After being directed to a 3rd person,I found out that it hadn't even been made yet. At least the man I was talking to was honest and said he had no excuse for why it hadn't been done. He told me to write on the calendar 6 weeks from the day and it would be here,if not to call him. That date was March 17th. On March 20th I got a bill from the cemetery for $390 to be sent asap. That charge is from the cemetery,that had gone up from what they told me a year ago,to lay the stone on his grave. Kinda an outrageous price I think for just a flat stone. My kids owe me some money and I told them that they needed to pay me some of it back so I could come up with all of this charge.
Well getting back to my shock. I got a call from my son Mother's Day evening and he said Dad's stone is laid,but it's wrong. They had put his date of death as Sept. 11,2011. His date of death is July 11, 2011. I felt so sad after waiting all this time. Then my daughter called and said what's going on. I was very greatful that she said she would make the phone call to the guy Monday morning. Felt I could have something taken off my shoulders for a change. The guy at Quantico Base called me after she had called him and told me it was his fault. He said they'd be making a new one. I asked when and he said maybe 2 to 3 weeks possibly a month. REALLY??? Why not NOW?? He also said that he didn't know if the cemetery was going to charge me again. I said,well they better NOT. My daughter had also told me that she would call the cemetery. She called them yesterday and he said they had gotten a call from Quantico about the mistake and no they won't be charging me again.
Ya know what John would have said?? what he always said. That's government work for ya!!!
For me it was just something else of the MANY things since I lost him.


  1. So sorry about those issues and your husband was right that is government work for ya.

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