Thursday, May 20, 2010


John's doing pretty well. Actually he's doing VERY well considering everything!!!
This week the Physical Therapist and the nurse came to release him from home care. So now he'll go back to the rehab hospital where he was for 3 weeks for out patient physical therapy.They have more equipment there for him to use to build muscle strength. He's there right now for his 1st day. We don't know yet how many times a week he'll be scheduled for yet,he'll find out today. I think it's GREAT!!!! Now we won't have to have all these people comin' in & out of here all the time. We've both had enough of that and Sissy too!!!!!

We had back to back appointments last week with our family Dr.He said John's doing well & released him to drive again,LOL how does he think we got there!!!!!
As for me,not so good. Still have thrush (since October)and have developed something else on my tongue along with it.Don't know what it is,it starts with a P though.
He also said that there's no surgeon here that will touch me. I'd have to go to Cleveland to a trauma hospital.He told John if I get a fever and he sees bleeding to call. John said call you and he said no,an ambulance and have them take her to Cleveland. I said they won't do that and also I'm NOT going. He said,well I can stabalize you at the ER here,but that would be all they could do,because I will be septic. He feels bad,I know cause he said we don't want you to die and I said,well you're forgetting about the brain tumor & the MS. IF I could survive the surgery,both would be affected and there's no one to take care of me & I will NOT go to a nursing home. I want to be able to still do the things I'm doing,even if I am much slower nowadays with getting things made & listed.
Don't you wish you could come up with all the things you'd like to say to the Dr. WHILE you're there,instead of when you go home and have a chance to think about what was said?????? Boy I sure do!!!!! About 3 times the Dr. said to me,"I didn't expect you to look this good". Wish I would have thought to ask what do you mean,for someone who's dying????? I'm thinkin' of writing him a letter. There's just never enough time to say everything while you're there AND he does AWHOLE LOT of talking & then says OH I gotta get goin' LOL!!!!!

Also wish someone could tell me what to do about the house.Stay here & wait till we get kicked out or look for a place. It's really hard to know what to do,cause I don't know how much time I have left. Only God knows that and so far he's not telling me.

On a lighter note I finally was able to add pictures here of a couple of NP's that I have listed on eBay right now.The blog just wouldn't let me before.Sometimes these blogs get temperamental!!! HA Don't we all!!!!!
I have MANY things that need finishing. I've decided that I need a Mini Me!!!! That way I could just sit & punch or hook or stitch and then throw it over to Mini Me to finish and list!!!!
I'm hooking another of my hit or miss rugs.This one is pretty different. Do you know these hit or miss rugs that I do actually take longer than other rugs???? I'll put a picture up when it's finished.

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  1. Sherry, your hit or miss rug is gorgeous. I really enjoyed talking with you today and am praying for you.


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