Monday, May 10, 2010


We have a Social Worker from the hospital. She came a week ago yesterday. Haven't heard back from her yet.But she did tell us that the meals on wheels costs.I always thought that was free. Also they could send someone in to clean,but that costs $15 to $30 an hour.
Then a Social worker came last Monday from the Senior center of the city we live in.
Her and I could prolly talk all day!!!!! She's into primitives and goes all over the place and mostly looks for true antique painted furniture. Names and places were flying back and forth between us that we both knew and have been to. In fact she needs to check if she has anything made by me cause she's been to the shows I used to do and the stores that I sold wholesale to. She wants to do so much for us that I ended up crying and just had to hug her. I thought WOW maybe somebody's really gonna help us!!!!! So anyhoo she said I'm going to call your Dr. and get meals on wheels started right away. John asked,how do I pay,do I give them money when they come??? Katie (that's her name)said nope you're not going to pay anything. UNBELEIVABLE that WE would get something FREE!!!!!!
So Friday was our 1st day. A lady came about 11:00 and handed me 2 meals. They were for the main course,elbow macaroni with hamburg,tomato sauce & kidney beans all mixed together,about 1/2 cup of green beens,a roll & 1 pat of butter & 1/2 cup applesauce. I let John have mine.
We didn't know that they don't come on Saturday & Sunday.
Today @ 11:00 a lady brought the meals. Today was in each meal,a piece of boneless ribs,about 2" X 4",1/2 cup of corn,piece of bread & 1/2 cup applesauce.I let John have mine. This is fine. If I give him mine then it's enough for him and he gets a meal. I'll just stick to my sandwich for lunch and a bowl of cereal with some fruit on it at nite.
He's doing very well,I think. The nurse is just going to come once a week now. The Physical Therapist comes twice.She was just here at 9 this a.m. I'll tell ya what,I couldn't do the exercises that he's doing!!!! She usually takes him out for a walk with his walker while she pushes the oxygen tank,but they didn't do that today,cause it's sunny but very chilly here. We want to start working on transitioning him to out patient PT back at the rehab place where he was for 3 weeks. Gotta make sure that he can drive and that Medicare will cover it.They have good equipment there that he was on while he was there. They also have WI (is that right??)that they had him working on. He played golf with the nurse and said it's a real work out. He like to get one for here. I told him,well then we should get one,if it's going to keep him active and help.
I know all my grandkids have it & it really looks cool on TV,but I don't know diddly about it. Do any of you have one?????

As for me,I'm getting more & more tired. I feel like I could sleep round the clock!!!! In fact Friday I laid down about 3,woke up once to pee & get a pain pill and went back to sleep till 10:00!!!!! Gives new meaning to an afternoon nap huh LOL!!!!!!! Being in constant pain sure wears ya out,BUT it also makes me mad,because all this sleeping doesn't allow for getting much work done!!!! I have several pieces punched that need to be finished,but I just end up sittin' in my chair with my feet up just punchin' MORE things to add to the pile of UFO'S!!!!!
I did get 2 pieces finished YEAH!!!!!! They're on ebay now.
Thanks For reading my yada yada!!!! Ya know there was a time that I had a life that I could have written about LOL!!!!! Maybe I should just start making up stories that would be more interesting to read!!!!!!
Sherry aka:The Queen......OUT


  1. Hi Sherry!
    It's called a WII and yes! it would be good for John! I think he would benefit from it ~
    I'll make a big pot of chicken paprikash & send it to ya, ok???

    love ya,

  2. Sherry ~
    I'm glad you have finally found someone who will listen and help you and John.
    You are both in my thoughts and prayers.
    Hugs :)

  3. Lori if you make it I will eat it XOXO

    Thank You Lauren,there's still stuff I guess they're workin' on cause I haven't heard from either social worker. Thoughts and prayers are VERY nice!!!!


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