Monday, January 27, 2014


It's just so cool how you can take one piece of wool and get different looks !!!
Now take a look at these heart bowl fillers.

Would you believe that I hooked all 3 from the same piece of wool!!!! Well I did!!!
I think it's just so cool that you can get this look by cutting the wool vertically and horizontaly and carefully choosing each worm that you hook with.
Do these hearts look to you like I used 3 different wools to hook them???

These year round bowl fillers have vintage wool sewn on the back and are stuffed with wool snippets.
They measure approx. 5 1/2"wide X 4 1/4" long.
$38.00 + Shipping SOLD THANK YOU!!!
And here's another rug that I've only used ONE wool to hook the back ground!!!!
Looks like several different wools,doesn't it??? But it's not!!

I think it really has an antiquey look!!!

I designed this rug a few years ago and I seem to hook at least one every year. So here's 2014's!!!

It measures approx. 8 1/2" X 12"
Well I just drew a new design,the wool is cut so it's hooking time!!!
Meshe is all cuddled up in her blankie,taking a break from terrorizing Mommy!!!
Oh Gayle, I really wasn't trying to tease,I was just sharing what you can do with a textured wool.
Here it is. It's called Prairie Dog. The background of the cat rug is Magdalena Stripe.


  1. What a tease! I wish you'd shared a picture of the wool you used for your three hearts - would be interesting to see it in it's natural state.....

  2. Those heart are awesome. For some reason I cannot email you. I am interested in purchasing. Please email me at Thank you, janice

  3. I'm with you, Sherry. I LOVE textured wool.
    You are probably lovin' this cold! Not me.
    Hugs :)

  4. textured wool is great for sure! Love that piece of wool you show too great color.

  5. Ah Ya know me Lauren lol!!!! But my feet have been cold,wearin' socks. You'd REALLY hate being here to go out in the sunroom to cut wool!! It's barely getting up to 32 with the heater goin. I cut wool FAAAASSSTTT!!!

  6. Janice, just in case you check back here, I did email you.

  7. Sherry, Your wool hearts are great! I love the different looks you achieved using the same wool. LOVE the prim cats and heart rug.

    Hugs, Linda

  8. Love both of those, Sherry...and i really like both shades of that textured wool...can i ask where you purchased them?

  9. Sandi, I get wool from several different places. I can't always remember who. Also some people call wools different names. I also look on ebay. Try Heaven's To Betsy or Rebecca Erb. The Tattered Flag. There's many others,I just look around on line.

  10. sherry, i got some of both from The Tattered Flag on her wool!


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